Always I wondered why this part of the Chinese chopsticks ... So that's it!

< Sticks for sushi has been and remains a complex mechanism for me. One awkward movement, and everything was gone: no end drop my food, dirtying different surfaces ... In such a situation can only help out the innate optimism, I do not lose hope to learn the correct handling of this delightful cutlery

! Trying to learn how to use chopsticks properly, I found an interesting thing! It is a sin not to share this discovery ... Pay attention to the bars connecting the two sticks together.

Chopsticks edyStolbiki on sticks ends not just glued together: they have a secret destination. Unfortunately, very few people know about it.

Columns can not crush along the rod, as we used to do it. You will make the right move, breaking off them horizontally! Consider carefully this picture.

Correct the broken bars are a convenient stand for sticks! In order not to put them right on the table when you need to move or have a drink, use the small wooden plank.

There are special stands for Chinese chopsticks Yes, it looks gorgeous ...

With such a support sticks in restaurants. But if krasivenkoy gizmos is not at hand, pasted columns will be very helpful!

I never cease to amaze all new every day! Show your friends that sensitive information like share his discovery ...


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