She dipped her feet in the water with the garlic for one reason ... Brilliant unpleasant way out!

In cooking, garlic has no equal, in medicine it is also not a substitute for anything ... But, believe me, it's not all ways to use garlic !

Did you that the fishermen believe the secret of a good catch is Use garlic ? We offer you to learn more about other beneficial properties of this plant!

Methods of Use garlic
The anti-acne
The crushed garlic are added to the cleansing masks and lotions for the face. However, an easier way to get rid of acne using Garlic - wipe the inflamed areas of the skin of his juice. So pimples quickly dry up and disappear.

Treatment of fungus on your feet
Garlic - a powerful anti-fungal agent. Especially popular are the garlic bath (10 teeth per 1 liter of water). However, you can simply crush the garlic, mix it with the olive oil in a ratio of 1: 1 and received funds to lubricate the affected skin.

Removing toothache
Many are advised to apply clove to the aching tooth. But not even listen! Though the pain and become less noticeable, but burn the gums can not escape. It is best to rinse the mouth with garlic tincture.

Treatment of ear infections
Since garlic oil - a natural antibiotic, a couple of drops of it to help cope with the pain in the ears and a little treat them.

Rescue at ice
Garlic salt saves from ice Joneses proven tools.

Removing splinters
Splinter will itself, if applied to the affected area with a piece of finely chopped garlic, secure it with a bandage and leave to rest for an hour.

If there is a small crack on the glass
Old antiquated way: crush a few cloves and garlic juice sodium defect. In an extreme case rift goes no further.

Tincture of garlic is not only fighting the germs and bacteria, but also repels many insects.

for fishing If you're not interested in fishing, you may seem odd that the fish attracted by the smell of garlic ... But experienced anglers know that with the help of a pair of teeth can get a good catch.

Treatment of colds
It is known to all: Garlic fights viruses and generally strengthens the immune system. There are many folk remedies based on it, but I want to select garlic milk against the cold. To make it, you need to warm up 1/2 liter of milk, skip the garlic through a press, and then mix warm milk with 10 drops of garlic juice squeezed. If you take the medicine before going to bed, the morning sickness is gone.

On the beneficial properties of this plant, you can talk for hours ... It will be pertinent only to add: to forget about colds, eat at least one clove of garlic per day

! Good health to you and your loved ones!


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