Three vegetable blocking cancer!

The problem of preventing cancer occupies the minds of scientists from around the world.

It turns out that there are three vegetables, the constant use of which (according to the theoretical research) can block the occurrence of cancer. US researchers at Johns Hopkins University found that the constant use of broccoli can protect people from the disease, and some types of gastritis, gastric cancer.

Scientists from the University of Michigan have noticed that a resident of Poland three times less of their compatriots who had emigrated to the United States, ill with breast cancer. This fact they explained the menu features: Poland traditionally eat a lot of cabbage, and cabbage in the US forget transfers

The third weapon against cancer found at the University of Florida in Tallahassee. This, oddly enough, a simple garlic. Its mechanism of action is as follows. When cooking meat produced substance called an enzyme that provokes the development of breast cancer. If the meat is exposed to high temperatures, together with the garlic, which, incidentally, is responsible for the unique taste and aroma of the meat contained in garlic flavor components are able to block the formation of the enzyme-lethal carcinogen.


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