Moscow Woman raped by five

19-year-old Elena A. arrived in Moscow two weeks ago to stay with her sister. Yesterday at about six o'clock in the evening after a meeting with her friends decided to catch a ride Elena and go home. Before the girl's voice stopped the car and a bargain for 400 rubles, Helen sat in the salon. The driver did not seem strange to her either, nor suspicious. While traveling, the man began to ask her where she was, what she was doing. Elena at these questioning began to worry, and suddenly with horror noticed that the area around it is not quite familiar. At her request to stop the car driver does not react. Soon the car stopped in the garage next to the array platform Beskudnikovo.

Brock with a force pulled Ellen out of the car and shoved into a small room and ordered to undress. Fearing the physical violence, scared to death the girl obeyed. Soon there were four more unknowns.

What happened next, Elena remembers a nightmare. Several hours later, a disheveled woman got to the police station. In her written statement, the five allegedly raped her.

Already on suspicion of having committed a dreadful crime arrested 42-year-old Muscovite Igor T., 28-year-old native of the Penza region, Paul VI, 63-year-old Vladimir B. and 51-year-old native of the Penza region, Vyacheslav K. Fifth suspect is now wanted.

The detainees claimed that there was no violence.


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