Russian - an adjective or a noun?

I think everybody heard the thesis "Russian - the only nation whose name is indicated by an adjective, not a noun." There just snide ponapridumyvali theories on this subject! And even jokes: "You are - Russian, but I mean, American, gee-gee". But what does the word "American"? "Americans" as a nation simply does not exist - it is that "people who have American citizenship." Please note: the exact same importance, the term "Russian", which has recently appeared and began actively implemented ideologues.
"Russian" - is an adjective, and the adjective always goes together with a noun. And if the noun means "current status" is an adjective - the immutability of accessories. Who would not be an individual, he - Russian. Russian pagan, Russian Orthodox, the Russian worker, a Russian programmer, a Russian artist, a Russian traveler, et cetera.

Thus, the Russian - is the only nation (at least - of having international fame), which define their national identity is for the nation, rather than the country of residence, region, etc. Russian - everywhere it is Russian, while many nations have an internal division into "subspecies" (eg German / Prussian Italian / Sicilian).

And this historical traditions are now trying to destroy all the forces, inspiring Russian liberal ideology of self-centeredness, introducing "universal values," trying to divide Russia into all sorts of self-governing province, driving a wedge between Moscow and the rest of Russia, - and so on.


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