12 English words and expressions that are best forgotten

Language is changing very rapidly, and modern English is different from what we were taught in school. In order not to give the impression of an old-fashioned person, you can train yourself not to use words and phrases that are in the past.

< Website provides a list of words that should be avoided in communication, and their modern counterparts .

The verb «shall»
-? Shall we go to the cinema? - Do not go to the movies if we

? * Only with pronouns 1st person

The phrase «How do you do?» < - «How are you?» . Now therefore ask, how are you, with the exception that in the king's throne room. Today the most commonly used How are you The noun «pupil» -? «disciple» The adverb «moreover» - «more» - «of course» .tak now also no longer say, certainly better to use and definitely (is obvious, of course). < The adjective «little» - «small» .If it comes to size, it is better to replace the adjective little on the small, such as: small room - a small room The noun ". telephone » - « phone » - «to engage in sports» - «refrigerator»
The phrase «What a pity!» < -. «! What a pity» .This expression can also be considered hopelessly outdated. Instead, we can say: «! That's bad», the value will be the same.

Materials: Academic Department of International Language Link English language center for yazyk.ru, Windsor, Irina SHI

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