25 words and phrases to avoid during public speaking

You think that You are really ready for an upcoming presentation? You have a brilliant report that You are ready to talk in my sleep. The information You are going to share with your audience is absolutely priceless, and moreover, are you absolutely sure that this information is able to change their life and change it for the better. So the last thing You are going to do is slightly weaken your message by using language that normally don't use.

In order to help You to combine a great message with effective means of expression, I offer you 25 words and expressions, which You should avoid like the plague (ha, think I just used a cliche). In any case, offer You a list of words and expressions, with brief explanations of why we should not include them in his speech.

Keep in mind that sometimes You might want to specifically use one of them to achieve a certain effect, but in most cases try to avoid the following expressions.

1. "I" or "me." The presentation is not about you, not about a particular period of your life, not the most exciting discoveries of your identity. It's about your audience. Replace all "I", "me" for "you", "we" or "us." Focus on audience, not on yourself.

2. "A little bit". This phrase immediately will reduce the value of the content of your report. "I would like to talk about..." is lost near the "Let's discuss current trends in the industry, which we must follow."

3. "Only". Similarly, with clause 2. Compare the two sentences: a) "I just wanted to say that we have a problem!" and b) "Listen! We came face to face with the problem that separates us from the big profit...“

4. "So..." Very often it is the first word, sounding from the lips of the speaker. (And now You remember your last presentation, isn't it?) But "now" is a continuation of the previous thought. And at the beginning of your presentation no thought to this word be preceded by could not.

5. "Let's talk about..." usually sounds repeatedly, and repeated in a monotonous voice: "First we'll talk about what the purpose of our work. Then we'll talk about why we need to adhere to different points of view. Then we'll talk about our new initiatives“. After that, I'm sure you all want to shoot!

6. "The topic of my report..." to immediately draw the attention of the audience, you need to start your presentation with a strong phrase. And formal Declaration of the topic of his report in this respect will be a failure. Who engages people, telling them what they already know?

7. "I was asked to talk about..." One of the variations on the theme of clause 6. It looks usually like a pathetic attempt by the Rapporteur to appear important.

8. "Sorry if..." or "Sorry for..." What? The speaker apologizes for his presentation?? "I'm sorry for this lengthy explanation, I just couldn't figure out how to tell it in short..." Well, I came up with this proposal. But isn't that the way it sounds?

9. "Sorry I'm not very clear figure", other option: "I know this slide may not be very clear". God. Don't you think that somewhere You've heard? We have a Rapporteur who made the obscure slide in his presentation! If the presenter can't talk about everything that is shown on the slide, at one point he will show it. And the slide won't work. This slide should be split up into several slides, or remove altogether, announcing that the full version of the presentation you will find in the handout.

10. "I would like to start with a story..." the Story of history is subtle and very effective way to start your presentation. However, the effect that this story could produce, significantly weakened, if you declare that you are going to tell a story. I call this the "representation of representation".

11. "Now I will tell you a funny joke..." well, maybe the joke is really funny. But if not, You will put yourself in an awkward position. The game account will remain open. Believe me, if You just start with a joke, the reaction will be much stronger. And even better — use humor instead of jokes. It is much easier to tie to the theme of your report and it does not require a mandatory response.

12. "Sorry, I'm a little worried..." Despite the fact that, in saying this, some people think that the way to attract the audience to your side, I think the demonstration of his agitation – not a good idea. As a rule, excitement is not very noticeable. So let the audience to conclude – You are nervous or not. If no one noticed, why once again provoke them?

13. "Actually, I'm not good at public speaking..." Then walk away.

14. "I'm not a speaker..." in fact she. Aren't You doing a presentation? In addition, You do not need to be speaker, as long as You stand behind the podium. Just share with us what wanted to say us probably will like it!

15. "I've never done this before..." you guess? This phrase, You will instantly kill your credibility. Again, do your job well, and we will love You!

16. "Some of our key benefits..." Great phrase. Not counting key words. This phrase is so beaten that in using it, You immediately reduce to nothing all its advantages.

17. "I made all three baskets." Unless of course you are not working on the farm or don't plan, it is better to leave the "basket" for entertainment. We advise You to avoid such clichés.

18. "Wait a minute..." is a Typical phrase. Pronounced, as a rule, when the speaker is experiencing some technical difficulties. Of course, this happens to all. So why not think in advance, than to occupy the audience during technical difficulties? I always tell my clients – and indeed it is – prepared as if you suddenly left my laptop with all the data at the airport.

19. "On the next slide we see..." of Course, transitions are an essential element of Your speech. They help the audience better follow Your logic and understand the reasoning. You should carefully consider how You will communicate Your next thought with one that was just announced. Do not let the fact that You learned about the content of the next slide only in the moment when he appears on the screen.

20. "Moving on..." Honestly, this is the worst way to attract the attention of the audience, as this phrase shows that You just don't know how to move from one thought to another.

21. "Problems", or "Our current projects", or any other word or phrase that will indicate what you are going to discuss further. Consider competent transitions. Cm. p. 19.

22. "I think I'm too tired..." Oh, let's hope You didn't bore your listeners. But if so, it is not necessary to scroll through the knife twice, isn't it?

23. "I didn't have enough time..." Probably more will follow — "to prepare... to think about all the details... — carry out the necessary research." It is not necessary to devote the public in the process of preparing the presentation.

24. "I'm limited in time, so I just quickly go over the subject..." Definitely not the best idea to admit to the public that You lack the skills of time management, isn't it?

25. "That's all I wanted to say..." "so I didn't bother to move my brains to think of the ending of my speech to make it bright and memorable. So, I'll just jump off that cliff and take You all with me".


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Author: Gary Genard (Gary Genard), doctor of philosophy, master of oratory and coach


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