Compact furniture - a lifesaver for small apartments

Small apartments once considered enviable acquisition - try to turn around in them. Especially if you take into account the fact that all the furniture was standard, and put it in a small room meant simply will spam it. Today, anyone can afford a small apartment - after all furniture has become a compact and multi-functional - real lifesaver for tenants.

For example, mini-kitchen Minikitchen by Boffi companies can be used even in a dorm room (that's the joy of the students!). Compact table in half a cubic meter in volume has contained a 50-liter refrigerator, glass ceramic tiles with touch controls, drawers for instruments and utensils, receptacles for small kitchen appliances, a large cutting board in teak, as well as a slide-out work surface. The table is equipped with wheels, rotating 360 degrees and comes with a brake.

Buy a kitchenette can be from the manufacturer. By the way, this idea is not new - mini kitchen were developed in 1966 by Joe Colombo (Joe Colombo), and produced by the firm Boffi, but for the time lost - to re-enter into production today.

Minikitchen - not the only invention that allows live compact and comfortable at the same time. Among them is the "green" ecologically room in a box called Casulo by Marcel Krings (Marcel Krings) and Sebastian Myulhoyzera (Sebastian Mühlhäuser), and the furniture "three in one" by French designer John Nuansinga (John Nouanesing), and Japanese a dining table in the cube from the Cube Style. All of these pieces of furniture of high quality and original design - perfectly fit into modern interior, and simultaneously decorate our life and make it more comfortable.


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