What should we break down the house ...?

So far, got rid of the old buildings is very simple (but not too rationally and humanely) - they were demolished. Now, instead of a destructive blast the community of citizens living in the area (if any) can go literally "dismantling" of the house - on the plank of cloves.

This community appeared in one of the boroughs of New York called Buffalo ReUse. It is absolutely legal organization working not for profit. Its members dismantled the old buildings, train local youth and selling recycled materials.

Utilities such as abandoned houses in furniture, interior and exterior architectural decorations carefully going - then sell it in the store community ReSource store. (Shop, by the way, is not only a source of building materials and furniture, his team also offer buyers and ideas in the spirit of "do it yourself" for home decoration, environmental education, and even work with the public.)

Funds from the sale of scrap goes to community development: green area and its protection, painting of old buildings. By the way, Buffalo ReUse offers both work for the volunteers as well as paid employment for the residents of the area. But in terms of the community also use the dismantling of buildings as a base for training and development of youth leadership skills. Young men and women aged 18 to 24 years old can not only learn a lot, but also to start a small business thanks to a social work and practice.

The publication The Financial Times and International research organization Urban Land Institute (Urban Land Institute) Buffalo ReUse nominated among 20 other finalists for the award Sustainable Cities Award for balanced development and environmental protection. It should be noted these conscientious citizens who care about their own area. We have no!


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