Arshavin explained why the team lost to the Russian Federation

After the defeat of the Spanish team in the semifinals of the leader
Team Russia has ceased to hide from journalists.

After the defeat of the Spanish team in the semifinals of the European Championship, most players of team Russia flatly refused to answer journalists' questions. Post comments on the results of a match agreed to only three players. And if professionalism Sergei Semak and Konstantin Zyryanov no surprise, then from Andrei Arshavin few people waiting for comments. However, the footballer of "Zenith" detailed answers to all questions.

Andrei Arshavin spent at the European Championships three matches. In the first two, he was recognized the best player of the match ... and flatly refused to be interviewed. But after the defeat of the Spanish team in the semifinals Arshavin longer remain silent.

- What is your impression of the Spanish team?
- This is a team without flaws. During the game I did not find any on the weak spot in the Spanish national team.

- What happened to the Russian national team midfield that in four previous matches played much stronger?
- Just more Spaniards were playing, that's all.

- It seems that the Spaniards paid much attention to your care.
- No one against me personally played all acted in the zones. I rarely possessed the ball during the match. Maybe I'm a little moved, he opened a little, rarely got the ball. But I also did all he could. We played a little ahead, and the longer the match, the Spanish possession of the ball.

- Defenders of the Spanish national team played brilliantly, is not it?
- Just the special problems of the Spanish defense, we today are not delivered, so it is particularly tense and did not have to.

- Today, the Russian team for the first time had no advantages in physical fitness, is not it?
- Yes, I thought, and I, and our entire team was physically weaker than today. I do not know why it happened. But the tournament is not possible to go smoothly. When there is no physics helps skill. A higher mastery of the Spaniards.

- Can you compare Innsbruck and Vienna against Spain?
- I think the first game against Spain we had a lot better. Let me were different angles of observation of the match, in the first case - from the podium, and the second - on the field, but still I had the distinct impression that, in Innsbruck we have acted much better than in Vienna.

- Said Lee in a semifinal match of the absence of the suspended Kolodin and Torbinskiy?
- I would not say we lost because there was one or two players. The Russian national team has made this tournament the best she could. On the more we currently seems incapable of.

-So, You are leaving Austria is not in such a bad mood?
- I would not say that I am satisfied. Now the semi-finals of the European championship seems a success, and within a few months, it can be regarded as a failure.

What do you remember most ?, at the European Championship - a question the Russian team captain Sergei Semak.
- Why, just the semi-final match. Remembered always last. On the one hand, we were worthy of the tournament, few people expected us to the semi-finals. But disappointing to concede that the championship was already so close. What to do - we totally outplayed the Spaniards. They were able to show a fantastic game, and we parted after the first missed goal and were not able to come.

- How to evaluate the results of the Russian national team performance in the championship ?, - the question midfielder Konstantin Zyryanov.
- We were on the verge of the final. It's a shame that got to him. But frustration is not strong. All the same, we will give the bronze medal. So, our performance in Austria and Switzerland - is a big plus for Russian football.

- Can you compare the two matches against the Spanish national team of Russia?
- For the first time with them it was easier to play. And this time they thoroughly understand our game and did not allow us to show the best football. And when they took the lead, it was difficult to recoup.

- You did not take the initiative from the very beginning of the match in their hands, as usual. It was a conscious decision?
- We were afraid to miss the goal. Like the Spaniards. The first goal did not came out of the logic of events. Just a good cross and classy kick Xavi.

- How to behave Guus Hiddink after the game?
- He greeted us with a performance at the tournament, shook hands with all the guys and said: "Well done».

- That is the European Championship you can be happy?
- We finished, of course, on a minor note. But what to do? .. After all, before the tournament nobody expected that we will be able to reach the semifinals. So that such a result in the tournament - this is definitely a plus.


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