The Russian national team came in 1/4 finals of Euro 2008

Beating the Swedes with the score 2: 0, the team Hiddink
advanced to the quarterfinals, where he will meet with the Dutch team


The Russian team in the match of the European Championship - 2008 beat the Swedes with the score 2: 0 and advanced to the quarter finals. Goals scored Roman Pavlyuchenko in the 24th minute and Andrei Arshavin in the 50th minute.
Who served a suspension striker Russian football Andrei Arshavin has been declared in the starting lineup. The leader of our team missed the first two matches of UEFA EURO 2008 because of the red card he received in the last match of the qualifying round against Andorra. Compared to the previous match against Greece, which the Russians won with a score of 1: 0, the starting lineup is missing midfielder Dmitri Torbinski, who replaced Arshavin.

Chief of personnel issues in the camp of the Scandinavians was part of the game Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who because of a knee injury trained on the individual program. Mentor Swedes Lars Lagerbäck also decided to release it on the field from the first minute.

Russian fans have prepared a special surprise for my players. During the national anthem of the Russian sector of the St. Andrew's flag was stretched and unfolded in the center of a huge panel with Peter the Great. The whole composition symbolizes the historic victory of Russia over Sweden in the Battle of Poltava and many years of the Northern War. At the forefront of the stands placed the call, "repeated the feat ancestors."

Our shock had a ten-minute start, creating a number of dangerous moments in front of goal. In most of them bright Semshov and Zyryanov not shared the ball on the edge of the goalie area Swedes, unable to take advantage of favorable situations.

Russians in the opening match looked noticeably faster and more mobile opponent. They controlled the ball and almost continuously attacked. Arshavin treacherously broke under the crossbar, Zhirkov - just to the right of the bar ... Efforts wards Guus Hiddink was rewarded 24 minutes into the match when Roman Pavlyuchenko has closed Wing cross Anyukova. Assist attack began Arshavin and Zyryanov.

The Swedes responded almost immediately break Henrik Larsson, head of the ball which hit the crossbar our gate.

After a goal scored Russians slowed and lulled the opponent in midfield, and then had another stroke segment of the game, extruding the Scandinavians in their penalty area. Pavlyuchenko after a pass Bilyaletdinov rattled the crossbar Ziryanov on finishing could not beat Isaksson.

At the end of the first half, the Swedes have adapted to the ragged pace of the game, which asked the Russians, and respite began conducting a full-fledged attack. Before the whistle for a break they already owned tangible benefit - Akinfeev twice had to demonstrate their skills.

In the first half the football team of Russia inflicted 14 blows to the gate (5 of them in the target) to 5 (4) of the Swedes, and filed 7 angle (the Scandinavians came to the check box three times). At the same time the percentage of possession of both contenders was approximately the same (58-42).

With 50 minutes played, had an assist our trehhodovku and doubled their advantage: Zhirkov got a pass to move from Bilyaletdinov in touch sent in on Arshavin, who rally hit the corner.

On the hour the initiative gradually become to the Scandinavians. Handicap two goals very favorable to its retention, and lay out our players in this game completely. After 66 minutes, Hiddink held the first change: instead of harried Bilyaletdinov on the field appeared Saenko.

10 minutes before the end of Lars Lagerbäck completed a series of substitutions, designed for maximum gain attacking potential of his team and inevitably led to expose her rears. Russians immediately responded with three attacks, each of which could remove all questions regarding the winner of the meeting. However, until the end of the game the score did not change, and our futbolitsy first time in the history of Russia reached the quarter finals of the European Championship.

The only previous game in the European Championship between Russia and Sweden was conducted in 1994. Then a team led by Paul Sadyrin lost by a score of 1: 3.

In parallel with the match in Innsbruck in Austria Salzburg meeting was held between the national teams of Greece and Spain. Tournament value it already had - European champions Greeks in the playoffs do not fall under any result. The match in Salzburg ended with the score 1: 2 in favor of the Spaniards.


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