9 qualities that will transform your career.

1. Thinking outside the box
Original ideas are very expensive nowadays. Change the place, change the environment, change the point of view - and change your ideas.
2. Leadership
Always grasp the opportunity to take possession of something: the project real estate situation.

3. Desire to learn
If you are not going to stop there and want to go forward, we must constantly evolve.

4. Attention to detail
If you are fully competent in their field, familiar with it firsthand and competently to build their thoughts, it is captivating.

5. Willingness to help
If you help others, you will know that you can help.

6. Network friends
Network of friends - this is your support, your advertising is an information channel, which will keep you up to date with the latest developments.

7. Tune to find a solution
Most employers are not enough people with positive thinking, which are able to offer a way out of their situation, rather than pathetic stories about it.

8. Easy
In arrogance has its own charm, but it does not attract people to you as self-restraint, openness, ease of handling.

9. Practical
You will have to survive, and then another to develop - so Cultivate business acumen. Only effective and timely decisions, even hard, bring success.


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