Pick-up in a female

Pick-up is considered to be exclusively male occupation.
So, I decided to perform an experiment in order to learn how to pick-up looks like a woman.

Day One.

The thought of dating my future so much that to get rid of fantasies about how it would be, I could not at once.
Just think: in a quiet cafe at a table alone sits nice young man ... I take for yourself a cup of cappuccino and come to his table. "Allow me to accompany you. I do not like to dine alone. " Of course, he agrees ...

But enough dreaming. It's time to work, and on the way to exactly someone seeking.
So ... The street, the sun is shining - perfect! But what happened to me? Why shoulders hunched? Where's the smile? And most importantly, why I avoid other people's views.
I do not noticed before for such a. You need to fix!
Quite sincerely enjoy life and people - turned out only in the evening. In the evening, decent girls do not get acquainted with the young people on the streets. So my mother always said.

We'll have to continue the experiment tomorrow.

Day Two.

I decided to realize his fantasy about dating in the cafe. Hardly waited for the lunch break (after all there waiting for my prince).
I went into a cafe. And what do I see? Sit princes. Only, for some reason neither I sat alone ...
Okay, not so bad. I make an order and sit down at the table. Look, anyone can at least smile, that absolutely was not boring ...
One came with a young lady - is expunged from the list of contenders for the smile. Two other something passionately discussing (first of all planes ... two more look at gipnoyaschik ... Hmm, not a lot.
Lunch is over. The account does not open.
In the evening training. Like the way. With us, at one time occupied by a group of kick-boxing. But I have long wanted to know what their peep is heard from the room (no, not the human, probably some kind of timer).

Here is my training is over, I quickly change clothes and ran into the hall to a kickboxer. Something beeps and a few men pounded on the pears, and one should have a timer and monitors the Trust.
I was right, the food is a timer that measures the time rounds (coach explained them to me).

I looked a little more like they beating pears. They noticed me too, but did not show, as befits a stern men. For their training came to an end and they went into the locker room.

I waited on the couch. After all, it is necessary to meet.
And that one down. I smile at him. He pretends not to notice and pass by. Okay, I'm waiting on. Get out two. One I smiled and went on. I did not start a conversation: Mom told me that stuck between the two men - to the distress.
Down another fighter.

There is already exhausted my patience, and I told him, "Hey».
He was surprised, but answered. There is! Now the main thing to talk. "I was wondering what you're doing, and I decided to look at. Can you tell me? "That's because talking, we got to the bus stop, where I spent Sasha. Yes, we exchanged phone =)

Day Three.

Today started dating right from the morning, a morning run. More precisely immediately after, when I decided to walk a little in the park. In general, there was now a lot of runners. But there was an unwritten rule not to notice each other. And then comes up to me a man of about fifty.
 - Hello!
 - Hello.
 - To run?
 - Yes, already I run, now just walk.
 - I'm here, too, is now run. And you after an illness?
 - What?
 - Do you support something that just started running?
 - No- I say, and leave in a hurry.
 - And here I am after an illness. I'm here every morning to run, so I'll see what else!
 - Be sure - I say and hurry home.
Hmm ... So much for the introduction. It seems that I will not soon make up my mind to run.

I decided to work in a taxi. Taxi drivers such interesting people, if they begin to say - do not stop. My taxi driver turned out to be called Eugene. He is married, he is not very sensitive to a woman who believes that her husband once a taxi driver - he is obliged to come to her on the first call and take it where it is necessary (even if her husband tells her that it is cheaper to call a taxi).
Sympathize with him a little, told the story of his life ... In response to the sensitivity shown by Evgeny gave his room, with the words "if necessary - at any time» ...

Day Four

Today it was necessary to go to the mall. So I decided to combine business with pleasure - to get acquainted with the prince. It turns out that most of the princes are found in stores with household appliances or phones. I went. Prince did not keep them waiting, "you suggest anything?". Of course supporting! Prince suggests 20 minutes, after which, the prince began to seem very family and we switched to "you." The next 15 minutes prompting us closer. He did not dare to leave your phone number. Can married?

Then I decided to try an extreme way to see - the men's room. Version with "urgently needed, and women's employment" - has not passed. Appreciative audience was not. Actually there was.

Yes ... Today is not good.

The fifth day. He's the last.

Today decided to just walk the streets or stop. Austere and prepositions. Long chose a victim, that is, Prince.
Selected, I approached and said, "Hello! Can you meet? ". He looked at me carefully and said, "Can».
 - Me, Alain name. And you?
 - Max.
Unfortunately, the time to stroll Maxim was not. And just ask the phone number I have not decided.
Not standings.

From all of this experiment to conclude that you can meet on the street, especially if you like. If you're doing it for the sake of the experiment, in most cases it turns out false. And even while dating, you need to give a man feel as if it was he who initiated. What are you hinting at, and pushed - not in the bill.
Probably this will be the "pick-up in a female."


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