Norm's HEMI Ram 1500 Super Truck: orange super truck

Mr. Norm - it's an American legend and an icon for many fans' muscle Kars "and other powerful cars produced in the United States. In the 70's Mr. Norm was not the only authorized dealer of Dodge, but also very enthusiastic about building the cars for drag racing. HEMI Ram Pickup 1500 Super Truck was created by Mr. Norm's Performance in the best traditions of the "old school". All such modified Ram 1500 will be created only 100 pieces, and for the manufacture of each takes about 12 weeks. The car not only looks different, but also goes a completely different, just like the classic "muscle" of the Dodge, which at one time had a hand in the great Norm Kraus, the owner of the dealership network Mr. Norm's Grand Spaulding Dodge, who was then in the center of Chicago.

Externally, the Ram pickup Mr. Norm different from stock 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT, which is based, some notable elements: a sports body kit, large 20-inch chrome wheels, a unique sticker on the back of the style Dodge Super Bee 1970, black hood Viper Ram with integrated air intake, fuel cap with the logo of Mr. Norm and chrome locks on the hood. Inside, three-color leather seats by Katzkin logo Mr. Norm and a plaque with a unique serial number. Optionally, you can order an integrated spoiler on the trunk covered pickup truck wheels Viper Ram Style diameter of 22 inches and tires Pirelli.


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