Top 20 most bizarre news of the outgoing year

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the words of the character of Shakespeare's tragedy: "There are more things on earth, Horatio, than are dreamed of in your philosophy." Indeed, the world is constantly there are strange things, and news resources diligently tell them. On this Site we have prepared for you a selection of the most funny, bizarre and wacky news 2014 goda.1. Bunch cat found a new dom

History cat Lenny is unique in some way, he could not find a loving owner, because Lenny has a unique feature - it is all too often spoils the air. Cat found in a park in Rochester (New York) in February 2014. and was taken to a veterinary center. From there he was taken to the new owners, but just two days later reattached. On page cat in «Facebook» message appears:

«Hello! Today I was brought back, because I have a lot of farts. I hope I can find someone who will love me in spite of the smell. I am a 19-month-old neutered and would not mind to be your. I am very friendly, I like to caress and embrace, wearing a tuxedo, and if you come after me, I'll try to look simply chic ». Blockquote> This story has a happy ending - shortly afterwards touching treatment cat has found a new home, we hope that the current the owners give him the love and hugs as he had zasluzhivaet.2. During the landing of the aircraft, the pilot fell off rukaOtchёt British company «UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch» about the incident, which occurred in February this year in the skies above the suburb of Belfast, states:

«46-year-old pilot, who was the airline« Flybe »characterized, as "a very experienced and reliable pilot," is a manual prosthesis. According to the pilot before the flight he is always securely attach the prosthesis, but this time, after turning off the autopilot, he was forced to make a sharp maneuver because of the strong wind and the prosthesis unbuttoned his safety strap. When asked why one-armed pilot entrusted the management of passenger aircraft, Ian Baston, production director of flight safety and the company «Flybe» said the policy is to ensure employment. "Like other airlines, we give work to people with disabilities». Blockquote> The pilot for some time lost control of the plane, but he was able to complete a landing with one hand. He promised that in the future it would be better to fix your protez.3. Reservoir as toilet One day in April, about an hour of the night, CCTV camera established in the territory of the reservoir of the American city of Portland (Oregon), captured a man to write directly into the reservoir. Later, the camera has also recorded two unknown attempt to climb over the fence, with one of them is udalos.V a result, employees of the reservoir were forced to pull over 143 million liters vody.Stoit note that this is not the first such case in Portland. In 2011, another man is urinating at the same reservoir, and then had to be drained about 29, 5 million liters of water. To avoid new cases of urinating in public water authorities promise to Portland in 2015, the year to complete construction of indoor vodohranilischa.4. The dog returned to the woman wedding ring, lost six years nazad

Six years ago, a resident of Wisconsin Lois Matikovski lost a diamond engagement ring. The long search came to nothing lead, the woman could not expect to be compensated, since the decoration was new and she did not have time to insure it. In June this year, Tucker, an old dog, Lois, swallowed the stick out of eskimo- he had a bad habit to taste everything that is bad. The vet advised to give the dog an American petroleum jelly to the subject quickly left the digestive tract of the animal and do not harm him. Some time later, Tucker threw up his wand, and even a couple of days in the same way, and there was a lost ring. Apparently, all these years, it has conducted in the stomach of the animal. History Lois was the reason for numerous jokes of her friends, who often said that jealous of her, because her dog sick brilliantami.5. Trying to remove the toilet paper from the tree, the family burned dom

Cheryl Krausvell January morning, a resident of Dora, in the state of Alabama, found that at night unknown hooligans pelted the trees growing around her house, rolls of toilet paper. Of course, Cheryl with her family immediately removed the "decoration" of the trees, but some pieces of paper to remove the failed. Perhaps they should have to take the stairs, but instead someone from the household came up with "brilliant" idea to set fire to the paper. One of the burning scraps planned on the lawn and the zagorelsya.Po to the woman, in a few seconds the fire got to the backyard, where the propane tank ... When the fire started, Cheryl, her son, mother, aunt and an elderly aunt's a nurse were in the house but fortunately, they had run out into the street before the flames engulfed the whole building. No family member was injured, but the house leaving only smoldering ruiny.6. Parrot handed drunken master politsii

Guillermo Reyes was returning home after gatherings in a Mexico City bar. He was stopped by traffic police, and when he spoke to him out of the cabin a voice: "He's drunk! He's drunk! "Looking at the car, the cops found a talking parrot belonging to Reyes. Apparently, the bird picked up similar expressions, accompanying the host during raids in drinking establishments. 7. What is the Californian did not like to drive fast? 23,387,359

Early in the morning of December 10, George Strother and his wife, residents of California town of Escondido, were awakened by a terrible roar. Afraid to go out, while the couple were in a strong fear of the unknown scourge, and a few minutes later it went to the police, who reported that the roof of the garage ... Collapsed avtomobil.Kak later turned out, the driver rented BMW went into the turn at a very high speed and lost control. Taking off from the highway, he landed right in the garage Strother, damaging their cars «Nissan» and «Mazda». According to some reports, the garage can be restored, but both cars spouses are not subject to remontu.8. After the fight with a shark went to the New Zealander pab

24-year-old doctor-intern and diving James Grant and his friends engaged in underwater hunting near Colac Bay, on the coast of the South Island of New Zealand, when he was attacked by a shark. Repulsed by predator knife, Grant got out of the water and found himself at the foot of a deep laceration. The young man took off his suit and sewed up the cut, using the first aid kit, and then in the company of his friends went to a nearby pub - apparently to relieve stress. Staff of the institution had to provide the diver with a towel as sewn wound bleeding profusely, but that did not stop the brave divers celebrate the victory over the shark. Only some time later, James sought medical help, so he re-stitches. Once the wound has healed, Grant returned to his beloved hobbi.9. Epic contest for spell checking zakonchenV March in Jackson County (Mo.) ended the annual «Spelling Bee» - a competition for the spellcheck among schoolchildren, in which students are encouraged to recite carefully spelled difficult words to say. The winner is the one who has the right voice of the greatest number of difficult words. The contest began in February and lasted two weeks, the main struggle was between pyatiklassnitsey Sophia Hoffman and seventh graders Kush Sharmoy.

The first phase of the spelling of the struggle between two young scholars lasted more than five hours and eventually the organizers simply complete the word selected for the jury konkursa.Dve weeks preparing 200 new words, moreover, just in case the judges were reserved another 60 reserve words. In the end, first place went to Kusa Sharma, for the correct pronunciation of the word «definition» (in trans. From English. - "Determining" or "clear"), his opponent made a mistake on the word «stifling» («sultry", "choke" ).10. Night visit to the repair masterskuyu

In the New Year's Eve Jennifer Lapierre of Koleyvilla, Texas, called the police and reported that the wall of its vehicle repair workshop «Lone Star Collision Repair» entered vnedorozhnik.Rassledovanie showed that SUV at high speed crashed into the first saloon in which there were an elderly man and her granddaughter, and then rammed the wall of the studio, right under vyveskoy.Voditel sedan with the passenger and his lungs are not life-threatening injuries were taken to hospital, and the perpetrator of the incident taken by strazhu.11. One shade of gray, and two goals for golfa

The owner of the farm, located in the northern part of the state of Georgia, found in his chicken coop is not a poisonous snake species Pantherophis spiloides - This reptile is also known as the gray rat snake. In the stomach of a snake were two golf ball that snake swallowed, taking the eggs. Surprisingly, the farmer killed the snake and decided to help her. He appealed to the "Center for the protection of sea turtles" in Jekyll Island, where the reptile was operated and removed the balls. Once the snake is fully recovered, she was released on volyu.12. Two dogs almost drowned pickup in reke

In February, the outgoing year resident of the city of Tulsa (Oklahoma) left his pickup truck on a hill not far from the house, forgetting to release him from his dogs, moon and Roscoe. After a while he went outside and discovered that the pickup was gone. Motorists began to ask passers-by if they had seen his car and one of them said that he had noticed a similar pick-up about three blocks from the place of loss, at the foot of holma.Okazalos that one of the dogs was able to remove the car from a manual brake, then the car rolled down the highway passed Riverside Drive and miraculously fell into the river Arkansas, stuck in coastal bushes. The car has received considerable damage, but his four-legged hijackers were not affected, except for a good thrashing from hozyaina.13. American founded the kingdom in Afrike

Bir Tawil - a small piece of land between Egypt and Sudan, with none of the countries does not claim ownership of the desert territory. In June 2014, the Jeremiah Heaton, a resident of the American city of Abingdon, Virginia, said that from now on Bir Tawil belongs to him. According to the American one daughter asked if she could be a princess, and he decided to fulfill her mechtu.Na territory of more than 2 thousand sq. M. km Heaton founded their own state, which is called the Kingdom of North Sudan. June 16th, in the seventh birthday of his daughter, he hoisted the flag coined them, arguing that it will now be the king, and his daughter Emily - printsessoy.Po said Sheila Karapiko, Professor of Political Science and International Studies from the University of Richmond, to get real political power over Bir Tawil, Heaton is necessary to achieve the consent of Egypt and Sudan, as well as to convince the UN and other international organizations to recognize it korolёm.Na desert lands Bir Tawil American plans to develop agriculture, which in his opinion, will help to negotiate with Egypt and Sudan but until the kingdom remains nepriznannym.14. Examination of 10 thousand Chinese golubey

In October of this year in Beijing held a grand celebration of the 65th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People's Republic, in which the sky over Tiananmen Square were issued 10 thousand pigeons. Each pigeon passed safety checks (including - with the help of the anal probe), the entire procedure examination was filmed by the authorities in the video, which led to numerous jokes on Chinese social networks. "I have not heard that the pigeons that were used during the celebration National Day, were tested for safety, but it is possible to hide the bird, such as explosives, "- he said in an interview with the« New York Times »employee of the Chinese website, Mr Yang (Yang). "If they do, and there was something under the wings on their feet, or even in the anus, in the course of the inspection it certainly came to light would be - just as if a man tried to smuggle something dangerous on board the aircraft," - said Yang. 15. Advertising has become a cause of many accidents in Moscow

One of the Moscow firms engaged in advertising on trucks, was found guilty of numerous accidents. The company has developed a provocative advertising and on the first day, when trucks with a stunning advertising design went to the streets of the capital, caused by drivers who are distracted by advertising image, 517 accidents occurred. Law enforcement officers assigned to track trucks with potentially dangerous adware and remove it. The company, in turn, said that compensates drivers whose cars have suffered in the accident, all the damage, which does not cover strahovka.16. With the funeral hearse with pokoynikomOsenyu hijacked this year in Sydney, 53, died a well-known lawyer and human rights activist Seth Richardson. The funeral of a respected man not without incidents. During the preparation of the funeral ceremony unknown climbed into the hearse with the body of the deceased and stolen cars. Angered brother Seth Tobias Richardson called the police, and without wasting time, he rushed in pursuit. After a hijacker drove into a dead end, and Tobias his car blocked his exit, a few minutes later the police arrived, which turned out to be and detained zloumyshlennika.Prestupnikom demented man, who escaped from Specialized institutions, so no charges brought against him were not. The entire story of the kidnapping of the corpse and the pursuit did not last more than 20 minutes, after which the funeral ceremony continued. "Seth would have liked, he had a great sense of humor," - said a close relative of the deceased Haley Uest.17. Eight luxury cars fall through zemlyu

In the western part of Kentucky are many underground voids and failures of the soil there is not such a rarity. However, one of them just go down in history - on 12 February during a sudden the resulting hole in the ground collapsed eight supercar Chevrolet Corvette, six of which belong to the "National Museum of brand cars Corvette» («National Corvette Museum»), while the other two were taken Museum rental company «General Motors» .

During the incident no one was injured, cars were recovered from the dip in marte.18. The Indian boys snatched 232 zuba

17-year-old Indian city Buldhana Ashik Hawaii long suffered severe pain in the jaw, but the local doctors could not determine what the problem is. Fearing for the health of his son, the father drove the boy to the survey in Mumbai, where specialists diagnosed him odontomu complex - a tumor that part of the jaw, which is responsible for the growth of new zubov.Po Dr. Sunanda Divar, the head of the dental department of the clinic, which examined Ashiq this turned out to be a unique case:

«odontoma usually affects the upper jaw, but the guy the tumor was found at the bottom. From his jaw, we got 232 growing tooth ». Blockquote> It is clear that the operation was extremely long and time consuming, it conducted two vysokokvalifirovannyh surgeon, two more assisted them. In Ashiq left 28 healthy teeth, but it will take another operation to repair damaged during surgery jaw. Specialists Clinic sent a request in the "Guinness Book of Records", to witness the largest number of teeth ever deleted from cheloveka.19. Scottish Pooh stuck in a sewer

State company «Scottish Water», dedicated to service public utility in Scotland, published a list of unusual items found in sewers Scottish cities this year. Among them - the fax machine, a bicycle, a snake, blue jeans, and even a huge teddy Pooh stuck in the sewer of East Kilbride (South Lanarkshire) .Etoy information campaign «Scottish Water» hopes to draw public attention to the irresponsible attitude of the Scots to communications - many of them used the toilet wash diapers, wipes, and food wastes. According to the company, cleaning debris from the pipes annually cost it about £ 7 mln.20. Goldfish, which owe hirurgom

In September, Dr. Tristan Rich, a member of the veterinary clinic "Lort Smith", located in Melbourne, conducted an operation to remove a tumor in a goldfish. According to the report of clinic employees, published on the official page to Facebook, despite the uniqueness and complexity of the operation, it was successful.


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