Your spouse met?

You thought that you are happy together and that it is better to be no longer can. More recently, however you suddenly discovered that your significant other has not yet withdrawn its profile with a dating site ... You - confused, do not know what to do.

Unfortunately, it seemed to us that we have had almost a perfect relationship. What seems to us, it is not necessary and will appear in our second half. Maybe for him a wonderful evening in our company has nothing to say, and it is possible that he will still be some time actively visiting dating sites.

Why your significant other does not remove the profile from dating sites?

Some do not delete their profiles from dating websites for various reasons: one flattered by the fact that they are from time to time write new girls, and it does not mean that men will immediately make new acquaintances and to react to these letters. Those who belong to the already existing relations seriously, will politely inform new acquaintance, that at the moment they had met with the girls. Others believe that as long as they do not take the vows, you have every right to simultaneously search for new friends, as well as regularly update their personal data. It is this group of men will always avoid the idea that it is possible they will meet someone better than you. Others crave adventure and are ready to parallel relations with a number of girls. The role of heroic lovers very much impressed by this type of men.

How should I respond to that profile of your second half hanging on dating sites ?!

Undoubtedly, it is very frustrating to find its second half profile on a dating site. Of course, you need to somehow respond to this situation, in no case should not remain silent in the hope that soon everything will fall into place. Sometimes it is necessary to clarify the situation by making the right choice. The most optimal way out - is to call your mate to a frank conversation. Start simply with the question of how it applies to you and how to evaluate your relationship. If your significant other immediately begin to tell you how important your relationship to him how much he values ​​them, then move on to the next question. Ask him why he is still hanging profile on dating sites and personal data are updated regularly. Listen carefully to the arguments of your second half and make their own decisions about whether to continue to continue this relationship. It may well be that your choice is just the type of men who are flattered by the fact that they write the girl. Then, after a conversation he probably remove your profile from the dating site. But if we are talking about is that your choice is not yet decided for myself that if you are the only one with which he is ready to start a family, then there is certainly a chance that he will seek parallel someone else besides you. Of course, he could not find anyone and, as can happen otherwise. In this case, you get to decide whether to continue the relationship. In conversation may also be that your significant other behaves, to put it mildly, is not fair, besides you, he still has at least one girl. Then it becomes obvious that such a soul mate better with joy and leave quickly forget it. In any case, if you took a similar situation, the most important thing - it does not wait for the hope that she resolved not to suffer the most, and try as soon as possible to clarify the situation.

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