15 films about change for the better

Spring - the perfect time to change something in their lives. And if on the way to his new happiness, you failed, do not be discouraged - perhaps thus the fate prepares you for something more important and interesting.

Website publish films that prove to be afraid of change is not worth it. After all that is done - for the better.

Incredible Life of Walter Mitti

Who said that in the heart of the little man can not live the great dreams? Take the example of Walter Mitty, who, as a simple worker with unremarkable biography, ventured into a grand journey that once and forever changed his destiny.

1 +1 (Untouchables) 13,652,548

Affected by the accident, a wealthy aristocrat, Philip hires an assistant person, which is less suited for the job - a young resident of the suburbs Driss, who had just been released from prison. Despite the fact that Philip confined to a wheelchair, unable to bring to Driss measured life aristocrat spirit of adventure.

Good god

Gate of the London Stock Exchange, insanely clever, successful manager and part-large bore inherits a winery in Provence. On arrival in France, he discovers that besides him there are people who claim to his rightful property. The chain of incredible events and discoveries will make it a new look to the true values ​​of this world.

Just vmeste

Young girl Camille befriends with its neighbor Philibert and after a while due to certain circumstances, moved to his apartment, where he finds not only physical but also emotional warmth. There she meets a chef Frank. The three main characters, who are not too lucky either with family or with a character unexpectedly finds harmony and zest for life.

Travel in search of Hector schastya

Hector - a bit eccentric, but terribly charming psychiatrist - in a state of crisis caused by the fact that his patients do not become happier, despite all his efforts. Then one day he decided to personally take a trip around the world to find out whether there is happiness in general and, more importantly, whether it exists for him.

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