15 films about change for the better

Spring - the perfect time to change something in their lives. And if on the way to his new happiness, you failed, do not be discouraged - perhaps thus the fate prepares you for something more important and interesting.

Website publish films that prove to be afraid of change is not worth it. After all that is done - for the better.

Incredible Life of Walter Mitti1f97688d5c.jpg

Who said that in the heart of the little man can not live the great dreams? Take the example of Walter Mitty, who, as a simple worker with unremarkable biography, ventured into a grand journey that once and forever changed his destiny.

1 +1 (Untouchables) 13,652,548

Affected by the accident, a wealthy aristocrat, Philip hires an assistant person, which is less suited for the job - a young resident of the suburbs Driss, who had just been released from prison. Despite the fact that Philip confined to a wheelchair, unable to bring to Driss measured life aristocrat spirit of adventure.

Good godf5a7959bc8.jpg

Gate of the London Stock Exchange, insanely clever, successful manager and part-large bore inherits a winery in Provence. On arrival in France, he discovers that besides him there are people who claim to his rightful property. The chain of incredible events and discoveries will make it a new look to the true values โ€‹โ€‹of this world.

Just vmeste412fe09841.jpg

Young girl Camille befriends with its neighbor Philibert and after a while due to certain circumstances, moved to his apartment, where he finds not only physical but also emotional warmth. There she meets a chef Frank. The three main characters, who are not too lucky either with family or with a character unexpectedly finds harmony and zest for life.

Travel in search of Hector schastyaa5487c07a0.jpg

Hector - a bit eccentric, but terribly charming psychiatrist - in a state of crisis caused by the fact that his patients do not become happier, despite all his efforts. Then one day he decided to personally take a trip around the world to find out whether there is happiness in general and, more importantly, whether it exists for him.

10 Steps to uspehu39ca16c3f6.jpg

Aging and almost forgotten actor accepts the offer of the young director to star in low-budget film. Arriving at the place of shooting in a supermarket, he meets Scarlett pugnacious cashier. Together they, without knowing it, change each other's lives once and for all.

The most charming and privlekatelnaya864a2f3058.jpg

The engineer Nadi Kliueva maximum public, but at least his personal life. Everything changes when she accidentally meets on the bus his old friend, classmate Susanna, a sociologist who now works in the factory of household air conditioners. Susanna decides to establish a personal life of his girlfriend, using the scientific method.

The fact tebe25585c9ffb.jpg

The story about a shy writer Sam, who makes a living by registered third-rate literature. Tired of this life, he decides to give up and take a break. In the cafe, he meets a girl named Birdie for which will change all their lives.

For cigarettes

What can upset a woman? The collapse of the novel? Problems with its own restaurant? From this all fall into despondency. But not Betty. The first thing you need to smoke, and she decides to go for cigarettes in a nearby bar. Thus begins her breathtaking adventures on the way to one's own happiness.

My boyfriend - psihb3b48d6927.jpg

A former school teacher, Pat, spent in a psychiatric hospital for eight months, returned to the family home. He is obsessed with the idea to reconcile with ex-wife, to which does not have the right to approach a court decision. But familiarity with the eccentric girl Tiffany lights in Pete ray of hope.

Always say "yes" 0b95f7856c.jpg

Depressive protagonist always and all said "no" - such as a friend, if they are called somewhere. But one day he enters into an agreement under which must always answer "yes" to any proposal.

Barefoot in the city

Jay - and rowdy reveler. He is not held in any workplace, and believes his own family a complete loser. After another of his tricks directed to "give back to the community" - to work as a janitor at the clinic for the mentally ill. There, he met with the patient Daisy, who turns his world upside down.

Good utro8c4fc90e47.jpg

When the TV producer Becky Fuller tireless fired from a local news program, her career is becoming as desperate as her personal life. Sitting in third-rate morning show, Becky decides to resuscitate him. She does not know how to change her attitude, reputation and fate of this transfer.

Larry Kraun9bf61a0bef.jpg

Prior to his dismissal affable and amiable Larry Crowne was the head of a large company, where he worked after serving in the Navy. Under the weight of the mortgage and not knowing what to do with suddenly appeared free days, Larry goes to a local college to start over.

Jeff, Who Lives at Home

The story is about a guy named Jeff who never works and lives in the basement of his mother. All day long he was lying on the couch and tries to discover hidden meaning in Hollywood blockbusters. Jeff is waiting for a special sign - a call to action that will change his life. And once it comes to the long-awaited insight - someone called and asked a guy named Kevin.

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