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European artists began to use oil paint in the XV century, and ever since it was created with the help of the most famous paintings of all time. But in the days of our high-tech oil still retains the charm and mystery as artists continue to invent new technology, tearing apart templates and pushing the boundaries of CONTEMPORARY art.

< Website I have chosen works that delighted us and was forced to recall that fine can be produced in any era.

Volumetric landscape Justina Kopani

The winner of the incredible skill of the Polish artist Justin digging (Justyna Kopania) in their expressive work sweeping able to maintain the transparency of the fog, the ease of sail, gentle rocking of the ship on the waves.

Her paintings are striking in their depth, volume, saturation, and texture is such that from them it is impossible to look away.

Warm simplicity Valentine Gubareva

The artist-primitivist Minsk Valentin Gubarev not chasing fame and just doing what he loves. His work is so popular abroad, but almost unknown to his compatriots. In the mid-90s in his household sketches fell in love with the French and entered into a contract with an artist for 16 years. The paintings, which seemingly should be understandable only to us, bearers of "The Discreet Charm of the undeveloped socialism", like the European public, and the opening of the exhibition in Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain and other countries.

Sensual realism Sergei Marshennikova

Sergei Marshennikovu '41. He lives in St. Petersburg and works in the best traditions of classical Russian school of realistic portraiture. Heroines of his paintings are delicate and defenseless in his half-naked women. Many of the most famous painting shows the artist's muse and wife - Natalia.

Myopic world of Philip Barlou

In the modern era of high-resolution images and flourishing creativity hyperrealism Barlow Philip (Philip Barlow) immediately attracts attention. However, the viewer takes some effort to force myself to look at the blurred silhouettes and bright spots on the canvases of the author. Probably because they see the world without glasses or contact lenses people with myopia.

Sunbeams Laurent Parsele

Painting Parcel Laurent (Laurent Parcelier) - is a wonderful world in which there is no sadness, no discouragement. In it you will not find gloomy and rainy pictures. On his canvases a lot of light, air and bright colors which the artist deals recognizable characteristic strokes. It creates the feeling that the picture are made of thousands of sunbeams.

The dynamics of the city in the works of Jeremy Manna

Oil on wood panels American artist Jeremy Mann (Jeremy Mann) writes dynamic portraits of the modern metropolis. "Abstract shapes, lines, contrast of light and dark spots - all creates a picture that is the feeling that a person experiences in the crowd and bustle of the city, but also can express and calm that is acquired at the sight of quiet beauty," - says the artist. < br />
Illusory world Nile Saymona

The paintings of British artist Simon Neil (Neil Simone) all is not as it seems at first glance. "For me, around the world - is a series of fragile and constantly changing shapes, shadows and borders" - said Simon. And his pictures are all really illusory and interconnected. Borders are washed and scenes flow into each other.

Love drama Joseph Lorasso

The Italian-born American contemporary artist Joseph Lorasso (Joseph Lorusso) carries stories on the canvas, they peeped into the everyday life of ordinary people. Hugs and kisses, passionate impulses minute tenderness and desires fill his emotional pattern.

Country Life Dmitry Lёvina

Dmitry Levin - acknowledged master of Russian landscapes, established himself as a talented representative of Russian realistic school. The most important source of his art - the attachment to nature, he gently and passionately loves and feels himself a part of that.

Bright east Valery Blohina

In the East, everything is different: other colors, other air and other values ​​of life and the reality of fabulous fiction - so says a contemporary artist Valery Blokhin. In painting Valery loves best color. His work - it is always an experiment: he is not from the figure, most of the artists, and the color of the stain. Blokhin has its own special technique: first he puts on canvas abstract spots, and then dorisovyvaet reality.

Expressive romantic Alexei Chernigina

In most paintings Alexei Chernigina oil on canvas imprinted beauty, romance, and moments of true feelings. His talent and thirst for art Alexey Chernigin inherited from his father - a famous Russian artist Alexander Chernigina. Every year they organize a joint exhibition in his hometown of Nizhny Novgorod.

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