20 animals who do not believe that we're going to leave without them

Pets still love us. Because every time we're going to go anywhere, they strive in every way to sneak out with us. Anyone who folded bag in the presence of a cat or a dog, it will confirm.

< Website I have compiled 20 animals who do not believe in what you are going to leave without them.

If you do not want to bring a hair dryer, I put.

He leaves us, bro.

Without me he was going, intelligent ...

Chur, I will lead!

Just would not have noticed, but would not have noticed ...

I'm going with you, understand?

But in this form, I will be walking on the beach.

I insist.

Although the magnet would fetch ...

And the best - the bone.

Who do you leave me, as well?

Have you found a place for these T-shirts, but for me - no?

Look, I'm attracted to you trunk. Back there is no way.

What, how, how much the flight? I have time to take a shower?

Without a cat and not a photo shoot, you did not say?

And maybe, after all, are placed?

Wake up, when we will be at the hotel.

All right, let's go.

Oh no, again left without me!

And took me with him, Be-Be-Be.

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