6 artists glorifying female beauty

At all times artists fascinated, inspired and led to creative feats of beautiful women. It is thanks to them that the great masters of each era created their masterpieces. And today is still one of the main themes in art is feminine beauty and sensuality.

Website has collected works by contemporary authors, each of which is recognized on the canvas in his love of the Muses.

Sergei Marshennikovu '41. He lives in St. Petersburg and works in the best traditions of classical Russian school of realistic portraiture. Heroines of his paintings are delicate and defenseless in his half-naked women. Many of the most famous painting shows the artist's muse and wife Natalya.

The lyrical mood Vicente Romero

Vicente Romero Redondo (Vicente Romero Redondo) was born in Madrid in 1956. From childhood dream to paint. At some point, he dedicated his sculpture work, but once realized that he could only express in painting. In his romantic portraits Vicente Romero manages to perfectly combine realism and the free use of color.

Passionate silhouettes Andre Kona

Passion, romance, dance, mystery, enigma, a surge of feelings, gorgeous women - all of this Con Andre (Andre Kohn). He was born in Volgograd in 1972. In 1984, he and his family moved to Moscow, later entered the Moscow University in 1992, he emigrated to the United States. His work quickly became apparent, many of the paintings are in private, corporate and museum collections around the world.

Emotional realism Steve Henksa

Those people in most paintings of the artist obscured or turned aside. This is intended to express the emotions and the body to "speak." "I've always tried to show the world the only positive aspects of life. I hope my work brings joy, peace and comfort in the life of the viewer "- says Hanks.

Dreams of the Sea Michael and Inessa Garmash

Pretty rare among artists couples. However, Michael and Inessa Garmash - the case where the family unit has become a productive creative tandem. On the artist's paintings often depict her daughter. Couple working not only with the canvas, creating and working in the technique of stained glass and mosaics.

South noon Pinot Daeni

Pino Daeni (Pino Daeni) Born on November 8, 1939 in Italy, Bari. Pino studied at the Art Institute of Bari, and in 1960 enrolled at the Brera Academy in Milan. He honed his skills by drawing nude models and numerous studies with human figures. Great influence on the formation of his artistic style had the Pre-Raphaelites. Works Pino - a hymn of pure femininity, sensual, gentle and infinitely beautiful.

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