5 artists, singing the praises of the rhythm of the big city

City life is fraught with many beautiful: romance, mystery and energy. At sunrise wakes up the hustle and bustle - adults hurry to work, students in high schools, in which children in school and at dusk all transformed - lit bright night lights and the city plunges into the mysterious atmosphere.

Website sharing with you pictures of the talented artists who were able to see all the beauty of the city.

Watercolor realism Thierry Dyuvalya

Thierry Duval - French painter, was fond of painting since childhood. He was educated in the field of decorative arts and works as an illustrator in an advertising agency in Paris, but draws what he loves: vlyubennyh city - Paris, Venice and east of the city. Thierry Duval has its own multi-layer paint application technique that allows him to create paintings with almost hyper realistic detail.

The dynamics of the big city by Jeremy Manna

Jeremy Mann, a contemporary American artist, is a significant figure in the art world. He received critical acclaim and recognition of collectors and one of his works even graced the cover of the American magazine «American Art Collector». The artist works in his own style that makes his works recognizable at a glance.

Bright colors of Richard Makneyla

Artist Richard McNeil was born in 1958 in the city of Worcester (UK). About him little is known, although his paintings adorn the Oval Office of the White House in the United States. His work - it's like a tour of Paris or New York. They are so beautiful that it is simply impossible to tear vzgyad.

Bustle of the city from the Cal Gazhimi

Libyan artist Cal Gazhimi born in Tripoli in 1968. He showed interest in painting at an early age. When Cal was 10 years old, he took part in the first art competition. Libyan artist now lives in Canada, he wrote city landscapes and still lifes, and never ceases to improve its methods of applying a palette knife in oil painting.

The lights of the city at night from Alexei Butyrskogo

Russian artist Alexei Butyrskiy was born in Moscow in 1974. The main theme of his work - it is urban landscapes, which he wrote in a realistic manner, depicting the daily life of the city. Thanks to his talent Alex rightfully belongs to the elite of contemporary Russian artists.

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