26 masterpieces of modern watercolor

Watercolor is often called the most rebellious, most capricious paint. With her hard work, it is difficult to store, it is unpredictable and requires maximum concentration from the artist. But those who managed it "subdue" and "tamed", knows the secret of creating a truly stunning work, looking at who asked a single question: "Who are they sold their souls to draw well?ยป

Website invites you to the gallery to truly atmospheric, bright and talented works. This is exactly what modern art, which nestydno declaration of love.

Sunny landscape Martin Faustino Gonzalez h3>

Spanish watercolorist Martin Faustino Gonzalez (Faustino Martin Gonzalez) feels a special passion for the image of the transition states of nature: the change of the seasons or the time of day. In his paintings, lots of light, air, dominated by low-key calm colors. This watercolor painting in the classic sense: the overlapping colors, a celebration of emotions and moods.

The emotional realism of Steve Hanks h3>

Those people in most paintings of the artist obscured or turned aside. This is intended to express the emotions and the body to "speak." "I've always tried to show the world the only positive aspects of life. I hope my work brings joy, peace and comfort in the life of the viewer "- says Hanks.

The triumph of color Anna Armona h3>


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