26 masterpieces of modern watercolor

Watercolor is often called the most rebellious, most capricious paint. With her hard work, it is difficult to store, it is unpredictable and requires maximum concentration from the artist. But those who managed it "subdue" and "tamed", knows the secret of creating a truly stunning work, looking at who asked a single question: "Who are they sold their souls to draw well?»

Website invites you to the gallery to truly atmospheric, bright and talented works. This is exactly what modern art, which nestydno declaration of love.

Sunny landscape Martin Faustino Gonzalez h3>

Spanish watercolorist Martin Faustino Gonzalez (Faustino Martin Gonzalez) feels a special passion for the image of the transition states of nature: the change of the seasons or the time of day. In his paintings, lots of light, air, dominated by low-key calm colors. This watercolor painting in the classic sense: the overlapping colors, a celebration of emotions and moods.

The emotional realism of Steve Hanks h3>

Those people in most paintings of the artist obscured or turned aside. This is intended to express the emotions and the body to "speak." "I've always tried to show the world the only positive aspects of life. I hope my work brings joy, peace and comfort in the life of the viewer "- says Hanks.

The triumph of color Anna Armona h3>

The young Ukrainian artist Anna Armon literally in love with color, so it is impossible landscapes with nothing to confuse. Armoni writes very easily, which gives the expression of her works. Scatter spray literally blow up each image, transforming the forest trails and lakes in the fairy kingdom.

The ghostly landscapes Thomas Schaller h3>

Architect and artist Tom Schaller (Thomas Schaller) after his 20-year career of the architect in New York settled in California, where the painting is dedicated entire days. For a long time he was considered one of the best architectural landscape of the world. Schaller has received numerous prestigious awards and honors for his artwork.

Thierry Duval Watercolor travel h3>

Born in Paris, the artist Thierry Duval (Thierry Duval) traveled. Hence the presence of the whole series of paintings on the "geography". Nevertheless, the author's favorite place was and still is in Paris. The lion's share of the work is devoted to the city of lovers. He has his own technique of watercolor multilayer coating that allows you to create a picture with almost hyper realistic detail.

Magic hyperrealism Stanislaus Zoladza h3>

Giperrealista Zoladz Stanislaw (Stanislaw Zoladz) was born in 1952 in Poland, the art education at the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts. He began to paint watercolors in childhood and honed his skills over the years. In the works of Stanislav dominated by natural light and views. The presence of man resemble a ramshackle house on the horizon, old boat, abandoned tractors. The paintings are filled with peace and serenity.

Dancing City Bernhard Vogel h3>

The word that best conveys the style of the Austrian master Bernhard Vogel (Bernhard Vogel), - freedom. Important in its urban landscapes - not the accuracy of the transmission, and the integrity of the mood, expression and energy. The artist finds inspiration in the present work with nature. It recognizes that different views can be created from photographs and sketches in a comfortable studio. But work on the site gives credibility paintings.

La Vie en Rose Rita Zodke h3>

Zodke Rita (Rita Zaudke) half-Italian. She often came home to his mother and inspired Italian culture, picturesque villages, architectural delights. Its Italy - sunny and warm, airy and filled with the scent of flowers. It is a country of joy and happiness - dolce vita as it is.

Boiling watercolor Arusha Votsmusha h3>

Under the pseudonym Arusha Votsmush hiding a talented artist from Sevastopol Alexander Shumtsov. About his paintings, the artist says: "I have nothing to anyone trying to prove his work. I especially enjoy. Or pure life - without doping. It's a miracle ».

Watercolor Rainy Lin Ching Che h3>

Talented artists Lin Ching Che (Lin Ching-Che) 27 years. His inspiring autumn rain. Overcast city streets Man does not cause depression and despondency, and the desire to take up the brush. Lin Ching Che paints watercolors. Colored water, he extols the beauty of rainy megacities.

appeasement scenery Joseph Zbukvicha h3>

Today, Australian of Croatian origin Zbukvich Joseph (Joseph Zbukvic) is considered one of the pillars of watercolor paintings around the world. Watercolor artist fell in love with from the very first stroke, he was struck by the untamed and individuality of this technique.

The lyrical watercolor Liu Maoshana h3>

Few artists use color and line so elegantly and delicately, as does Vice-President of the Academy of Chinese painting Liu Maoshan (Liu Maoshan). He manages to combine wonderfully in their works the rigor of European classical painting, contemporary lightness of Impressionism and refined detail of Chinese landscape painting. Subtlety, lyricism and transparency - the basic features watercolors Maoshana.

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