Watercolor technique in Ancient China

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The history of technology
The development of the watercolor technique has its origins in the distant the II century in China after the start of paper production. Watercolor art relative to other more young, because its birth was facilitated by the appearance of the paper, which was invented by the Chinese. Chinese style of decoration watercolor painting is not limited to paper, paintings were made on silk or other fabric. This allowed me to not only hang the watercolor paintings on the walls, but to reflect them on scrolls and stored in the designated cases, with the aim of preserve the pristine quality of the product.
Watercolor works by Chinese artists of that time were fascinated by the viewer's eye in its sophistication. The songs were so thin and delicate that created the impression, as if they consist of air. Water classic technique of watercolor painting originated in the 18th century during the reign of the dynasty of tin. Many famous artists of this period who served at the court as secretaries, he had the talent not only to painting but also to literature. The endless talent these figures are reflected in illustrations of landscapes, Pets, scenes from daily life, like peasants, and the Palace retinue. In addition, Chinese watercolor often illustrated poetry. Despite the fact that, as such, Chinese watercolor painting, as a concept was not its counterpart, water painting, had the same principles. Embodying on the canvas, animals, landscapes, scenes from daily life of the inhabitants of that time, the Chinese accompanied their creations with all sorts of labels.
Philosophy of technology
Visual memory was a hallmark of Chinese artists. Their work was never reduced to writing their creations from nature and were made solely on memory. This approach explains the deep philosophy of the Chinese worldview at that time. For them it was important not only to reflect the display on the colours of the object as to reveal his mental essence, embody the invisible insides on the fabric to show its personification in the eyes of the author. For example, depicting a tree, the artist tried to explain his greatness, fortitude and wisdom are timeless. Depicting chrysanthemum, on the contrary, the master aims to show the beauty inherent fragility, to impersonate her with the dawn of the life cycle, going hand in hand with the inevitability of a sunset.
Originated in China the technique has its continuation in our days. Especially gaining popularity in the ongoing thematic school lessons of watercolor for kids, and online classes watercolour for children. In connection with technical progress, watercolor classes online are more preferred as they allow you to learn this entertaining art in comfortable conditions for a child.



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