10 signs that you love yourself enough...

Thirty nine million nine hundred seventy four thousand eight hundred sixty seven

-You force yourself to do anything that you don't want to do, and even a little bit, and...
-You get angry at yourself when you make a mistake.
-Are you critical of his decisions, behavior and shape; in General, you do not praise themselves and criticise.
You bury the food, toilet and other important needs.
-You tend to think first about others.
-It's hard for you to speak for yourself.
-You make decisions based NOT on their needs, desires and preferences, and hoping to get someone's attention or approval.
-Your plants are suffering from lack of care; you don't often brush their eating and sleeping your pet.
-You don't know how to fulfill your dreams, or you have no dreams.
-Would you like to live your life.
More care?

The text below is for those who have a problem with 4 point, although for others these examples is an illustration.

How long do you suffer from headache, tooth pain, ear pain, before finally to go to the doctor?

How long you put up with a leaky sink? The carpet, which is constantly slipping? And periodic problems with microwave?

You still wear pants that badly on you? Put up with the noise in the car? And suffer in the dark because a light bulb?

In General, those who do not allow themselves, can be of little help to others. And, of course, the life of people more difficult.

The first step towards change each of the 10 Signs is to realize that caring for yourself is not something extra, not something to do only when I have time. It is absolutely vital!

Step by step solution

I. Start with the assumption that any lack of self-care is okay (but not what itself is to blame. Paragraph IV will help you with this). True, what you've always done everything in your power, as well as now — always.

II. Next, allow yourself to feel uncomfortable: oddly enough, when you start to show more care towards yourself, you feel something between slight irritation and severe pain. But, after a while, those feelings subside and disappear. You can get rid of them faster, letting yourself experience that brings you emotional discomfort.

III. Now, choose one of the 10 Signs: choose one that causes you the most negative feelings OR the one that most want to get rid of.

IV. When you find that you do NOT care about yourself, take a deep breath and take off the tension in your body. On every exhale, continue to relax.

V. In this relaxed, tranquil state, you will realize that to choose self-care much easier. As soon as you begin to act, keep breathing (exhale) and let go.

VI. First, there may be a gap between the decision to act and action itself. If it happens to you, then focus on how to act early, instead of right now be taken for it. And keep reminding yourself that you do everything in your power.

VII. Lead record: record at the top of the changes that you want. Make notes every time you act (together with thoughts about whether to do it sooner or better), and sums the result of daily, weekly and monthly.

VIII. If there are times when you just can't do: breathe and relax. Such moments are also part of the process. Don't follow them, except that, to record how best to proceed.

IX. Having worked with one of the signs, the transition to another way of improving the care of the self.

That's the brutal truth: there is only one person on the planet who is meant to care about you, and nobody can handle it as well as you yourself, no one is more interested in this.

Support yourself: write the following in big letters and hang in a prominent place: "My concern and happiness completely dependent on me! Has always been so. And always will be".

And do the self-care process of a lifetime, because that's what you and your loved ones deserve.



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