The ratio of China's current affairs ...

Actually, as the wide crest, I am very interested in what is happening in Ukraine (as well as trying to get parents and brother from the circus, what's happening now), but that's not it.
Accordingly, I was most concerned about two things:
a) China's attitude to what is happening
b) US attitude to what is happening
If the paragraph "B" I can not say anything, then under the item "A" my popabol after reading the garbage megatons became unbearable, and prompted me to create this opus.
Thus, the "Captain's news in Chinese," part 2.
It will be a couple of photos, do not break
Firstly, on the statements by Chinese officials:

So, all Chinese officials had made two statements.
First - February 28, 2014 during an interview with 秦 刚 (Qin Gan) - Department of Public Relations Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China.
问: 据 报道, 近期 乌克兰 克里米亚 自治 共和国 部分 民众 举行 示威 游行,要求独立。中乌建交后签署的一系列双边政治文件中都阐述过中方尊重乌克兰主权和领土完整的立场。中方立场是否有变化?

答: 中方 的 立场 是 一贯 的. 相信 乌克兰 人民 能够 解决 好 国家 面临 的 问题.
Q: Some people want the Crimean autonomy. During the Sino-Ukrainian relations was signed a lot of documents, you have stressed that the territorial integrity of Ukraine ... blablabla. Your position changed?
A: China's position remains unchanged. We believe that the Ukrainian people can decide its internal affairs.
Second - March 1, 2014. It has an official translation in Russian.

But, there are two full but ...
First, go to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China
Go to the "Search" and search for the word Empty 乌克兰 (Ukraine).
The site will give us two references to the data treatment. By the same date, all right.
But what are these links?
Interviews of 28 numbers posted on the website of the Chinese Embassy in Canada.
Interview of the first of March posted on the website of the Chinese Embassy in New Zealand.

What does this mean in terms of normal language?
Yes, this means that nifiga China has not yet spoken. Similar unsubscribe and place of their publication mean only that the job has been received to someone somehow unsubscribe. This news is not even on the title page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
For example - a clear position on the situation in China is visible from 钓鱼岛 (DyaoYuDao islands). There's position - clearly no place ...
That is the official Beijing has expressed so far nothing. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

It is not the end. As stated in the Chinese Internet society?
A Nichrome not say too. If you have an account with Veybo million subscribers by the news - 300 comments, that means that nobody cares ...
Under the news about the islands - hundreds of thousands of comments. Under the lease the news of panda zoo Hong Kong - tens of thousands. Immediately - complete calm. Chinese (Intermediate) has no idea what Ukraine is and where it is ...
Naturally seater army publishes a bunch of comments from "Putin - the king, reviving the great Russia" to "Russia came to an end, it's her last days," but there are always enough.
I repeat - nobody cares ...
Actually in the photo one sofa warrior fighting with each other.

Next question.
Here we say that without America, China will have more rice. Who says that America without China there will be one figure.
I am here, and wondered ...
The longest record of the import-export balance China
Here is a summary of the chart. Data for the year 2012, who are interested in more recent data - go to the website of the Department of comparisons Ministry of Trade and Commerce. There's a bunch of data for each month \ quarterly \ year.
Just here is a comfortable figure.
The picture shows that the largest surplus China has with the European Union - 14.1%.
Next - America (12.5%). Then go east Asia, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea.
Honestly ... I think that if one worker out of ten lose his job, it will be sad. But the collapse - far ...
The report itself
The Ministry of Trade and Commerce
Monthly reports on the trade balance

And finally ... What killed me the most. For China, it is certainly not true, but it perfectly shows the immensity of the human stupidity ...
Keep silent about "class aircraft carriers" Destroyer ". Keep silent about everything else. But 120 thousand tanks - is, excuse me, fucking ...
For maintenance of the tank on the battlefield should be from 80 to 120 people as part of Panzer Army \ Division \ group. It tankers drivers, repairmen, fuel storage, and employees have a lot of professions. The more complex the tank, the more electronics in it, the more you need engineers, programmers, etc. etc.
That is NATO about 20 million. People are only in armor. Provided that in the Bundeswehr is now two tank divisions. It is a few hundred tanks. A number of aircraft - 250 in service and ordered another hundred. And in Germany - one of the most powerful armies in Europe. Where are the hundreds of thousands? In Greece? Or Austria?
In 1962, the British tank forces numbered about 96 tanks, EMNIP. It is the Cuban missile crisis and the peak of the Cold War ...
And there are full. Such so full. I can not help wondering. People, information is from you in a couple of clicks. If about China - there is a language barrier, it is about everything else - you need to click the mouse ...
I am with you in shock ... The End.



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