25 Quotes of the great visionary Ray Bradbury

It is believed that he was the first writer who was able to arouse readers' interest in science fiction and fantasy.

And we are in the Website love it, so put together the best quotes from his works.

When a man is 17, he knows everything. If he is 27 and he still knows everything - so he still 17. There are worse crimes than burning books. For example - do not read them. The first thing you learn in life - is that you're a fool. The last thing you learn - is that you're still the same fool. Kindness and mind - the old properties. In 20 years, a woman is much more interesting to be heartless and frivolous. In order to survive, we must stop to try to find the meaning of life. Life itself is the answer. In the war did not win. Everyone is doing that lose, and who loses last asks the world.

In the evil there is only one force - that which gives it ourselves. When life is good, there is no need to argue about it. Love - is when someone it may return the man himself. opened her eyes wide, live as avidly as if ten seconds to die. Try to see the world. It is beautiful any dream, created at the factory and paid cash. Do not ask for guarantees, do not look for rest - no such animal in the world. When you live all the time close to the people, they do not change one iota. You amazes occurred in these changes only if broke up a long time, for years. Search for rabbits in hats - bad job, all the same how to find any sense in the mind of some people. Smile, do not bring in trouble pleasure. The human memory is similar to the sensitivity of the film, and we are all his life and do what we are trying to erase the imprinted on it. Yes, the free time we enough. But do we have time to think? We have one duty - to be happy. Who ceased to be surprised, he stopped loving, and ceased to love - I think you have and there is no life, and who has no life - the one count, down to the pit. And, if you live life to the fullest - to die soon, so be it: I prefer to die quickly, but the first taste of another life. It does not matter what you doing; it is important that all what you touch, change shape, becoming not the same as before, that it remained a particle of yourself. This is the difference between a person who just shearer grass on the lawn, and a real gardener. create their own that can save the world - and if you drown on the way, so at least will know that swam to the shore. < / Books only one of the receptacles where we store what we are afraid to forget. The secret of creativity is to treat your ideas as cats - just get them to follow you. Love - is when you want to experience with someone all four seasons. When you want to run with someone from a spring storm strewn with lilac flowers, and pick berries in summer and swim in the river. In the autumn with jam and seal the windows from the cold. In winter - to help survive a runny nose and a long night ... I had a simple and greatest happiness in the world - I was alive.

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