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Watercolor is often called the most rebellious, most capricious paint. With her hard work, it is difficult to store, it is unpredictable and requires maximum concentration from the artist. But those who managed to conquer and tame it, know the secret of creating a truly stunning work, looking at only one who asked the question: "Who are they sold their souls to draw well?»

Website invites you to the gallery to truly atmospheric, bright and talented works. This is exactly what modern art, which is not ashamed to confess his love.

Emotional realism of Steve Hanks

Those people in most paintings of the artist obscured or turned aside. This is intended to express the emotions and the body to "speak." "I've always tried to show the world the only positive aspects of life. I hope my work brings joy, peace and comfort in the life of the viewer "- says Hanks.

Rainy watercolor Lin Ching Che

Talented artists Lin Ching Che (Lin Ching-Che) 27 years. His inspiring autumn rain. Overcast city streets Man does not cause depression and despondency, and the desire to take up the brush. Lin Ching Che paints watercolors. Colored water, he extols the beauty of rainy megacities.

Boiling fantasy Arusha Votsmusha

Under the pseudonym Arusha Votsmush hiding a talented artist from Sevastopol Alexander Shumtsov. About his paintings, the artist says: "I have nothing to anyone trying to prove his work. I especially enjoy. This is - pure drug creativity. Or pure life - without doping. It's a miracle ».

The charm of Paris in the works of Thierry Dyuvalya

Born in Paris, the artist Thierry Duval (Thierry Duval) traveled. Hence the presence of the whole series of paintings on the "geography". Nevertheless, the author's favorite place was and still is in Paris. The lion's share of the work is devoted to the city of lovers. He has his own technique of watercolor multilayer coating that allows you to create a picture with almost hyper realistic detail.

Evening calm Joseph Zbukvicha

Today, Australian of Croatian origin Zbukvich Joseph (Joseph Zbukvic) is considered one of the pillars of watercolor paintings around the world. Watercolor artist fell in love with from the very first stroke, he was struck by the untamed and individuality of this technique.

Secrets of the East through the eyes of Myo Win Onga

Artist Myo Aung Win (Myoe Win Aung) devoted his creativity native Burma, its weekdays and holidays, laymen and monks, towns and cities. This world is calm, dressed in a gentle tone, mysterious and slightly pensive as smiling Buddha.

Incredible watercolor Joe Francis Daudena

English artist Joe Francis Dowden (Joe Francis Dowden) draws a hyper-realistic watercolors. And believes that it is the power of each, just need to know the secrets of the art. The secret of his inspiration is simple: "Throw textbooks watercolors and get lost in this forest».

The magic of the ballet by Liu Yi

Watercolors of the Chinese artist can be called an art about art. After all, his favorite topic are the images of people who have a direct relation to - for example, dancers and classical musicians. Peculiar way to feed them in the paintings: people seem to show through a thin mist, emotional and very characteristic. To some extent they overlap with images of dancers by French artist Edgar Degas.

Solar painting Abe Toshiyuki

Toshiyuki Abe (Abe Toshiyuki) received his artistic education and 20 years of dedicated teaching, never for a moment leaving the dream of becoming an artist. In 2008, he finally gave up the teaching profession and devoted himself entirely to creative self-realization.

Rustic morning Christian Granyu

Frenchman Christian Fringe (Christian Graniou) often portrays in his paintings provincial landscapes. Although the detailed drawing it does not appeal, and the light is distributed over the entire space, the artist produce sensations of space and filled with air.

Watercolor Maya city Vronskoy

Traveller's notes can be different: photos, notes, tourist postcards. But the young Polish artist Maya Vronska (Maja Wronska) from their travels brings watercolor sketches. Each city, where she happened to visit, it draws a "portrait", watercolor depicting not only what can be seen with the eyes, but also feelings, emotions, impressions of what he saw and experienced.

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