Amazing watercolors by Thomas Schaller

Thomas Schaller - American architect by profession and an artist by vocation. Having finished his twenty-year career as an architect, Tom is now devotes his time to painting. Get inspired :)

In the post excerpts from his interview.

When you started writing watercolor? Have you tried to write other materials?

At university, I studied painting in oil, acrylic, and various printing techniques. But it happened in the architectural school, where I first dipped in watercolors. I studied traditional approach precise pencil drawing overlay multiple layers of transparent watercolor wash. Watercolors always found an echo in my soul, and eventually formed the basis of my watercolor paintings.

How do you use imagination, when you write a particular landscape?

My classes historic architecture developed in me a love of admiration and completely invented, imaginary material. Now, even when I write from life, I include elements are completely imaginary elements pop out of memory or pure emotion.

How often do you write from life?

I would say that I'm writing in the open air from about 40% to 50% of the time. Sometimes I work with nature and finish in the studio.

How, in your opinion, it is important to the ability to paint the watercolor?

Since I got the architectural education, I have a deep love for drawing and painting process. Eventually, I went further and further away from the base of drawing in his watercolors. Perspective and composition on the backburner and now I "paint" a big brush and rely less on the intended pencil drawing. Also, I try to put into their work more.


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