Erroneous charges of innocent people

Absurd to investigate and prosecute innocent
imperfect people in their crimes.

Daryl Hunt

Race relations - this is a very sensitive issue, and it was he who
He appeared in the case of Daryl Hunt, an African American from the city of Winston-Salem
in North Carolina. At the age of nineteen, he was accused of
rape and murder of a white woman by the name of Deborah Sykes, despite the fact,
that there was no evidence linking him to the crime. Even in the absence
evidence, the jury, consisting only of white,
He sentenced him to prison.
In 1994, he was cleared of rape charges because DNA examination showed
his innocence to it. But while rape and
was the main accusation, he spent nine years in prison, is a Willard
Brown has not confessed to the two crimes.
After a total of 19 years in prison, he was finally rehabilitated in 2004.
Coming from prison, he joined the Innocence Project
and he founded the project Derila Hunt for freedom and justice, as well as the Society of the struggle for
freedom Derila Hunt, to help people,
wrongly accused of serious crimes.

Arthur Allan Thomas

It would be great if the fake evidence and mockery
suspects existed only in the movies, do not you?
Unfortunately for Arthur Allan Thomas, these things are very real, and in 1971
they have led to charges of Thomas in two crimes,
that he did not commit. A man and a woman, Jeanette and Harvey Crewe were killed
at home in Waikato, New Zealand. It later emerged,
that the police planted a rifle sleeve Thomas in the garden belonging to murdered spouses.
Thomas was convicted twice for the same offense after losing an appeal.
In the end, it took a matter of the Royal Commission,
who discovered the suspicious actions of the police during
the investigation, according to Thomas police also used
his testimony against him. Thomas was released over 30 years ago,
but his family still cries out for justice,
pushing lawsuits against police officers who investigated his case.
But now it is useless, because both of them are dead.

Richard Jewell

Unlike the rest of our list, Richard Jewell never
accused of a crime, but he was on the list,
because in 1996 he was one of the people with the worst reputation in the world.
It happened at the Olympic Games in Atlanta,
when, during a solemn ceremony in the park bomb exploded.
The FBI began to suspect it is Jewell.
At this time, Jewell was 34 years old, and he worked as a security guard.
He noticed a suspicious package on the territory of the Olympic Village and reported
management of it. Shortly afterwards, a bomb exploded, killing one
person was killed and more than a hundred injured.
In fact, he became the prime suspect in the bombing,
simply because they did their job, and he was immediately named the villain.
In October of the same year it officially cleared of all suspicion, even though the public
still I considered him guilty.
As in many other cases, false accusations, the case has shed light Jewell
some unscrupulous police work,
For example, the FBI questioned him on the pretext of recording an instructional video, which is also,
If you have not guessed, it was fiction.


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