Last meal on death row

Photographer Henry Hargreaves (Henry Hargreaves) lives and works in New York. Is the author of an unusual project, which he did in several prisons, offering to our attention last meal on death row.

Generally, Henry Hargreaves (Henry Hargreaves) - New Zealander. However, firmly entrenched in the US, it is not just photographs, but also opens some aspects of society. So it is possible to perceive his project «No Seconds».

Victor Feguer, 28 years old, kidnapping and murder. Lethal injection. Olive.

Angel Nieves Diaz, 55, of abduction, murder and armed robbery. Lethal injection. Refusal to eat.

Timothy McVeigh, 33, 168 counts of murder. Lethal injection. Two pints of menthol ice cream with chocolate chips.

John Wayne Gacy, 52 years old, rape and 33 counts of murder. Lethal injection. 12 fried shrimp, a set of wings and chicken pieces from a network of fast-food chain KFC with fries, strawberry.

Ricky Ray Rector, 42 years old, two counts of murder. Lethal injection. Steak, fried chicken, drink «Kool-Aid» and cake with pecans, which was left for later and not eaten.

Steven Anderson, 49 years old, robbery, assault, escape from prison and seven counts of murder. Lethal injection. Two grilled sandwich with cheese, cottage cheese pint, corn porridge, radishes, peach pie and chocolate ice cream ball.

Ted Bundy, 43 years old, rape, necrophilia, jailbreak, 35 counts of murder. Lethal injection. Refused on the choice of food, so eating a traditional prison last menu: steak, three eggs, fried on both sides, hash browns, toast with butter and jam, milk and juice.

Ronnie Lee Gardner, 49 years old, robbery, burglary, two counts of murder. Shooting (choose your own). While watching the movie "The Lord of the Rings" ate steak, lobster neck, apple pie and vanilla ice cream.

Allen Lee Davis, 54 years old, robbery, three counts of murder. The electric chair. Sheika lobster, fried potatoes, half a pound of shrimp deep fried, roasted potatoes serving straws, garlic bread and a liter of beer brown «A & W».

Teresa Lewis, 41, murder and robbery by prior agreement. Lethal injection. Fried chicken legs, peas with butter, apple pie and Bank Dr Pepper.

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