Photo manipulation and surrealism Christophe Kisyaka (Christophe Kiciak)

Fame to this French photographer came pretty quickly. Judge for yourself, four years ago, he did not even think about the work of the photographer. And then, he still visited this idea and everything began to spin like a kaleidoscope.

In the words of Christoph Kisyaka (Christophe Kiciak), lives in it and a fan of the exact sciences and creative person. So that both are never bored, and they did not waste any time, Christophe decided to take a photo in June of the distant year 2009. And there was a hobby, eventually grew into a main profession. The author is a self-taught and draws inspiration from the world around, not forgetting about colleagues who are always able to demonstrate something new and original. Christophe absolutely not shy to create a completely unrealistic work, because the main thing - to achieve this goal.

Photo by Christophe Kiciak


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