PHOTOMANIPULATIONS Dariusz Klimczak (Dariusz Klimczak)

Polish photographer who was born in the small town of Sieradz, but for six years living in the countryside with his family. No explanation for this - the fate or decision reclusive life? History and the author is silent about it.

His photo manipulation at first glance seem to be monotonous. Each work has its own meaning. Alas, not always understand it. Obviously, Dariusz Klimczak (Dariusz Klimczak) prefers to use in his work Four key attribute (element) - people, animals, desert, and architectural forms. Explanations for this, too, will not :) Every perception must be purely individual - it is the opinion of the Dariusz. As a photographer, I prefer to work with black and white photography, but believes that in the twenty-first century can not do without color. Pole interested in surrealism and symbolism - it is obvious, right?

Photo by Dariusz Klimczak


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