Photos Dariusz Klimczak

Photos are not born, they become. Dariusz Klimczak, who was born in the small Polish town of Sieradz back in 1967, is aware of this like no other. His path has been difficult and thorny, but after 25 years, he does what he likes - he photographs. And this 44-year-old Pole obtained not just photos, but the real clever pictures, each of which has its own mood, achieved with the help of emotional characters.

The inspiration for his works Dariusz draws everywhere, but to the naked eye you can see what his inner world ... Loneliness incomprehensible genius can be seen in the photographs made by him, but for a creative person emotional loneliness is not as bad as it seems ... Klimczak works in conceptual style, almost without resorting to use of color, because it believes that to convey the salt pictures only when it is black and white. And thanks to retouching and some tricks he gets really impressive pictures. Most importantly - do not just flip the image, trying to find something spectacular, you need to think about the meaning of each of the photos.


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