Miyamoto Musashi — The Way Of Strategy

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Who will collate between cunning and prowess when dealing with the enemy?!©Virgil

Learn to wait — says the first principle of the ninja. To wait — despite the pain, anger, fear, fatigue. Wait — I own "I". This principle is beautifully expressed by the famous Japanese swords swordsman Minamoto Musashi, whose benefits were highly valued in the ninja clans.

This man knows certainly, anyone who was in contact with the martial arts. About him were legends, his image has inspired many writers and poets, were devoted to him poems and painted scrolls. It is the incarnate Hero, a living symbol of a Warrior. Samurai, not a loser in the life of a single match, never changed his word. We are talking about the great master Miyamoto Musashi (1584-1645).


In the book of Five rings master Miyamoto Musashi gives his thoughts about military strategy, planning and tactical calculations, as well as the art of fencing. Book of five rings takes first place in many bibliographies on the art of swordsmanship and strategy, because as the principles apply to both single combat and battle armies.


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