Chair Samurai - features, advantages of furniture

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Computer chair that gives its owner absolute comfort is the key to productive work and good mood. This furniture will be able to use the computer throughout the day without harm to health. If the purchaser wishes to acquire not only stylish, but also comfortable, high-quality furniture, it is recommended to pay attention on unique chair a Samurai. The creation of these models was done by Japanese developers. As you know, they pay special attention to quality, ergonomics of products. A wide range of armchairs Samurai allows you to select the model that fully meet the requirements of the buyer.


Features modelactress Samurai can without exaggeration be called the epitome of comfort and ergonomics. Each holder of such furniture will get a guaranteed comfort. The user will not experience fatigue even if the work will be carried out throughout the day. Maximum comfort provided by sitting in a chair due to the innovative synchro device called Executive office chair tilt mechanism. This mechanism allows to reject the backrest or the seat. Accordingly, the body receives the necessary freedom of movement. It is necessary that the back was in the optimum position. This ensures an active flow of blood.

In addition, it is necessary to highlight other characteristics that differentiate the chair Samurai
  • backrest ergonomic: it is most accurately replicates the features of the physique;
  • armrests trimmed in leather: these elements have a convenient form and resistance to wear;
  • spider chair is made of solid steel that covers the chrome: design is powerful, it is durable and reliable;
  • the rollers are made from polyurethane have an optimum size: in the process of moving chairs do not create noise and does not appear to be scratches on the floor;
  • products covered by the mesh created from the most durable Kevlar: the material is resistant to abrasion, due to the mesh structure, it eliminates the possibility of sweating.


Convenience ispolzovaniya carefully thought through the design of chairs Themselves. This makes them particularly easy to use. The height of all chairs is adjustable with the knob located on the right. The principle of operation is similar to the regular models. In order to remove a fixation with gas lift, turn the lever upwards. If the user wishes to relax enough to activate the synchro-mechanism of "Width". For this you need to deviate at the required level and lock the back, lowering the lever down. The offset center of gravity allows the feet to stay on the floor even if the chair is deflected to the side.



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