You live the way You DESERVE

Why are some people healthy and others not....?

Why someone a wonderful husband or a wonderful wife, good children and family harmony, while others things are not particularly successful?

Why is someone lucky to work, he even may be great business and financial condition can only be happy, but the other interrupted barely that has hardly satisfied with the work?

Take a minute, look around... I mean, look globally, look at your life from above, and consider how YOU are today in these circumstances, conditions and situations? Why you have now what you have inside you to happen for this reason certain emotional responses?

The answer is simple and short: BECAUSE YOU DESERVE IT.

And there's no one to claim but yourself. You have that partner, that job, those kids, health and the amount of money that you deserve. A protest rises in my chest?:) Then you sit in "their truth". While you're from it don't leave and don't look at ourselves, then life for the better (and / or desired) direction will not change.

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What is this abstract concept and how to measure it? — you will ask.

Let's say, dignity is a gradation state of inner maturity, wisdom ( this also includes the comprehension of the laws of the Universe), and inner purity. The measure of dignity is not determined by man himself. Therefore, to be indignant: I am worthy, why I was not given? Or attempt to take, thinking that a decent — useless. It's like buying a car on credit, and then break it after a while. Loan is no car.

We all came into the world to change and evolve. If the person stops growing, displays the Universe to the outskirts to live out their lives and degraded. Indicator of our development is the response from the world around us: a society in which we are located, the formation of certain circumstances and situations that directly or indirectly point us to the things in our lives and so on.


The balance here the concept is elusive and works on the principle of scales: one Cup is inside you, and the other outside. What and how much inside the schedule, and respond to certain changes in a certain amount in the outside world (by law systemology). For example, a person in the prenatal period have received a psychological trauma, when his mother wanted to have an abortion, then he was a child unconscious they added claims to his father or mother, in his youth, he has experienced unrequited love, which also left a certain kind of emotion. Inside it is not going smoothly, he would get the same thing in life: unconscious rejection of life in General, detachment from the earthly plane, in your partner, he will gain what has not worked with parents and so on.


It is possible still so:

You've heard the theory about a holographic world? Many scientists adhere to this theory. Briefly it is possible to name more ancient wise words "the fact that the top and bottom of the same" (Hermes Trismegistus).

So whether you like it or not, have to accept the fact that if you wish to change the world around you, then you should start with yourself. It is useless to drink tablets, change of partner, a job, angry children, angry over the lack of money and stuff.

First, let's take the circumstances in which you find yourself — they show your level of development and are the starting point to identify how, where, and how we should move forward to achieve its goals. Sincere gratitude for what you have — it is also an indicator of your worthiness (read: wisdom and inner purity), and it needs to be if you want to move higher.

Working on yourself in all areas of life, you will receive a response from the world. Did the job — got the result. The result will be directly proportional to your investment efforts. But she and a measure of Worthiness. It is likely you will feel that you did a great job, and got a little... not at all. The measure is not determined by the person. Not satisfied with the result? So somewhere you gave up the slack, can be influenced by the lack of knowledge and you have not completed the work.

As you move to a better life through knowledge and self-cultivation, you will develop a sensitivity and will be able to feel and understand what you really need, their true desires and capabilities, and what needs to be done to get it (it is as tangible and intangible components of the world). And will be able to understand what you deserve, which in itself still need to work to become worthy and get what you want, and what guided the universe, when measured out to you in a gift or other benefit.

Author: Daria Pantyh



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