We receive all by personal dignity

We live as earned

Why someone has a true loving man, a strong family and children to be proud of, while others spend their lives alone?

Why do some people have good health, while others dumped from the disease in the disease?

Why one is given a nice job or perhaps own a thriving business, bringing not only pleasure, but also an enviable profits, and others - that you dislike a boring profession where every penny counts?

Take a minute, do not ask too many questions to someone, and ask yourself why you are faced with these very circumstances and living conditions. Look at it from the outside and try to analyze how is it that your life consists in a certain way at the moment. Think about why this situation causes dissatisfaction?

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The answer is quite simple: we live as it deserved.

And do not claim to speak to others, because each person runs his own destiny. You have that family, that work and the wealth that you have earned. Inside you got a powerful wave of protest on this phrase? So, you are in "their truth", as well as each of the people to a greater or lesser extent. And if there's nothing you do not manage to overcome themselves and try to evaluate your life from the outside, objectively, of any changes would not speak in his life.

"Its true»

All people are more or less found in "their truth" regardless of the level of development. What it is? It's personal views, opinions and values, which are ossified to the point that already formed a solid wall in front of the person, making it difficult to see the true state of affairs, or something new in life. This patterns of thought and action, which people blindly adhere to, regardless of the situation and are often not willing to accept the possibility of going beyond these limits.

We get all on the personal dignity.

You may ask, what kind of abstract words, and how to measure the merit?

Human dignity - it is, so to speak, the gradual holistic development, which includes both internal operating time of maturity and purity, as well as wisdom. We do not define the measure of self-esteem, it's done for us. Therefore to be angry: I deserve, why I do not give? Or try to get what they want, thinking that you deserve - futile effort. This is the same that borrow an expensive car, and a time to break it. Machinery is no more, and the debt remained.

© Adam Martinakis

Here the question arises: why did this happen? Because I do not deserve to have a car. For some parameters in the life of man he lasted only C grade, and it is necessary at least for four-plus to machine all the same distance. Or, imagine a vessel that you framed the universe (or God, if you believe in it), filling a particular goodness. A two-vessel wall in this is, and one not. Or two high and one barely five centimeters from the bottom of the rose. Every now and then "poured" on these five centimeters ... What to do? To turn out those inner qualities which you lack to obtain desired. How do I know what kind of quality? Here it is better to address with the problem to a master, mentor, psychologist.

We are born into this world to evolve and change. If this does not occur, then the universe pulls man on the "backyard" of life and leaves him just to live out their days. To understand the level of development sufficient to look around. A society in which we find ourselves and situations that show us the position of things in our lives directly or indirectly - all of these beacons are constantly telling us about our shortcomings, blunders, mistakes and so on.

Everything in this world is in the balance.

This notion seems too vague and ephemeral, but it can be compared with bowls of scales. One of them is within you and the other outside. What and how many fit in, and affect some changes with a certain force already in the outside world - such are the laws systemology.

For example, the girl's father always said that boys talk dangerous, trying to protect her the best of intentions. As a result of being an adult woman is afraid to tie with men, without knowing why, she feels insecure in a relationship with them, and quickly enters into the role of victim. He will get it, most likely, a man who will use it. In any case, due to the plants, which supplied her childhood is now in life will experience some difficulties in relationships with men.

Or, a person living on the basis of the following settings: very few people can be trusted, and anyone can substitute looking for their own benefit, the world is cruel, it is necessary to survive. Hence in life he will come across the very people who are prone to hypocrisy, lies, cruelty, greed, and so on. He just did not see because of "their truth" that there is another life, where it is possible to agree, where there is support and friendliness.

It is possible to explain so:

You know the theory of the holographic world? Most scientists are taking it a rule. To clarify the meaning of this theory, we can use the words of Hermes: "What is at the top and bottom of the same."

Notwithstanding any conviction would have to come to terms with the fact that change has to start with himself the world around you. It makes no sense to change professions, to be angry with his family, resent due to the lack of normal wages and so on.

Try to take the circumstances in which you find yourself. They indicate the level of your development. The current conditions of life can be called the starting point of a long way of development in the beginning you are. Relying on them, you need to understand in which direction to move forward to achieve the goals with which to work, what to pay attention.

Decent people are always grateful for what he has. By learning to accept and appreciate life as it is now, you get ready to get more. And nothing else.

While making an effort in the various spheres of life, you will always get a response from the world. Each step will be rewarded with the result, which is proportional to the efforts and spent forces. This is the worthy measure. Periodically, it may seem that for the hard work you get too little, but it is not. Remember that no man determines the measure. If the result falls short of expectations, then your return to work was not enough.

On the way to a better life, you learn to understand their wants and needs, find the right solutions to problems, and correct ways to achieve goals. Over time, you will understand what is really worth, and what still needs to be done to get it. An objective analysis of their actions - the key to understanding the laws of the universe. Henceforth, you will feel the relationship between the applied force and those benefits that measures the Universe for you.

Author: Leah shatush


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