Why almost all of our "pillars" of success is an illusion

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Writer and founder of NotesOnBliss.com Elise Gorman decided to explain why almost all of our "pillars" of success is an illusion. Here are the top myths about life that it is best to stop believing today. 1. There is one right definition of successWe believe that if we build a good career, a big house and a strong family, you will inevitably be happy. It's like a universal measure of success.

But the truth is that every person has their own path. And for some people a valuable and important is not the same as others.

Dare to live your own life. Live, work, create, play, travel, eat, drink, laugh, and sing. In General, do everything that requires your soul. Here it is — a real success.

2. Life must be hard work actually, life should be easy, beautiful and overflowing with moments of joy and bliss. The more you listen to your soul, build our plans, the faster you realize that.

If life for you is a constant struggle, and you have already learned to be afraid of Mondays, so it's time to take an honest look at your life. And to add to her love.

3. Life is what happens to us Then where you are now is the result of your choices you made in the past. Where you will be in the future depends on the choices you make right now. You are an active Creator of your life.

In order to make it better, use his power of the Creator. Choose thoughts and actions that will lead you to success, and not envy.

4. There is such a thing as "usual", and should we be in itactually there is no definition of "normal" human. You are so good.

Love yourself and follow your intuition. Let the only guide in your life will be your inner compass.

5. There are "us" and "them" We tend to draw in his mind the social and family "circles". Who do not fit into these concepts, he will become a nobody.

At the same time, we are all human and all different. Why not relax and not love all unfamiliar persons in the same way? Why do we divide ourselves into nationalities, social strata, "circles"?

6. We must compete for the limited resources of Life should be a time of abundance, freedom and infinity. Instead, to enjoy, we constantly invent some kind of "deficit" and chasing him, constantly comparing who have this "deficiency" more than we do.

In fact, we need to strive not for the "scarce" resource, and for their creative potential. Relax, put down your ego and do what you want. The only way to provide for ourselves.

7. Happiness must "earn" We care so deeply about the happiness, I forgot what it is actually. We feel happy if we make a good appearance, a big Bank account, a new position or a couple of trips. And yet it is important to "cast a spell" by others. But if you want to be happy really have to appeal not to the outside world and the inner. We need to cultivate a mindset based on gratitude, awareness, mindfulness, and acceptance.

8. Manifestations of resentment is a natural part of life When we feel that someone has offended us, then immediately cultivate a sense of guilt. And this feeling can come and live with us weeks, months or even years.

We have become hostages to the "offended" people. But why? Forget about the fact that someone was offended. It doesn't matter.

If you do hold a grudge against someone else, you must immediately let her go. Free.

9. "I'm not ready yet" We all periodically suffer from feelings of helplessness. All anything, but this feeling prevents us to decide to engage in a really important and interesting things.

You are absolutely the same as all. And if others can do it to make something incredible, then this happened, most likely, they just did it. And maybe tried more than others. We are perfect. Do not think that you are missing some personal qualities to try something you have never done before.

10. What others think of us is importantWe give so much of our energy thinking about the impression made on others. But the problem is that we can never know for sure what actually think about us.

When you next time will fill doubts and fear, think about what you really don't know if the base for them.

11. We see things as they really are, how we perceive the world largely depends on our upbringing, perception and past experience. Our subconscious chooses the pieces of information that we are supposed to seek to understand the "full picture".

But there's no understanding the "full picture" no one. That's why the same for everyone, "objective" world is perceived by different people in different ways.

12. Meditation is something that people do at dawn on the edgein order to start meditating, in fact need not even sit in the Lotus position. The practice of meditation is a practice of mindfulness.

You can carefully, without any distractions, washing dishes or writing an email? You can sit back, roll his eyes and a few minutes of nothing to think about?

In fact, it is the meditation. The ability to concentrate and to relax — it's not just for Buddhists.

13. When we give, it is something immediately lose to gain — you need to be able to give. When you give someone a gift or a simple compliment is definitely you will be counted.

When you give someone things or emotions, is two things. First, you begin to feel better. Secondly, you're doing a good deed for your karma.

14. We must try to understand the logic of all too many of Us were taught the skills of rationalizing. And too little skills to trust your intuition. But it's not too late to fix it!

When you next encounter something difficult that you can't explain it, consider what the answer tells you a heart, not the brain. Most likely, the answer is immediately there.

15. We have to be realistic , Some people think that being happy is always a lot of idiots. They just don't believe that the infinite and absolute happiness is unattainable.

But if you make happiness a priority, you are sure to find it. Just listen to the voice of reason, and intuition.published

Author: Konstantin Shiyan

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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