Rain in photos Jacrot Christophe (Christophe Jacrot)

Most of us either do not like rain, in principle, or if you like, you watch through the window of the precipitation. French photographer goes completely different. He loves the element in all its manifestations.

Christophe Jacrot (Christophe Jacrot) can be called a little eccentric, but the fact that he is talented and really feels element - make viewing his photos. In the words of the Frenchman, when it begins to snow or rain, we try to limit access to the raging elements themselves. And it's wrong. Photographer creates the romance that is most grim - the sound of rain on the glass, following the fall of drops in puddles ... The photos that did Christophe, we demonstrate the streets of two cities - Paris and Hong Kong.

Photo by Christophe Jacrot


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