Kamikaze: a one-way flight

They raised their aircraft in the sky, knowing that fly towards death. For it was a kamikaze flight each way. Winged bombers of World War II were the terror of American sailors.
"Wonder Weapon" despair
Autumn of 1944, the Japanese military realized that the war would be lost by them. To reverse the situation, it should dramatically change the balance of power. Of particular concern to the Japanese aircraft carriers called Americans. In 1941-1943 in the United States it was launched 95 aircraft carriers, and in Japan - only 16. The problem and want to solve the Japanese admiral Onishi Takidziro.

Some considered him a fanatic, others disliked for arrogance, others as Admiral adored and believed in him as in God. Onishi was one of the developers of the plan of attack on Pearl Harbor. Through perseverance Admiral held a raid on the US base Klark- Field near Manila that permanently deprive the American aircraft to participate in hostilities. It Takidziro Onishi fall of 1944 and got the idea to use pilots bombers to destroy the enemy's military forces, especially its aircraft carriers. Onishi said: "In my opinion, there is only one way to maximize the use of air power at our disposal. It is necessary to organize a group to control the fighter bombers from the 250-kilogram bombs on board with a view to dive on US aircraft carriers ... »

This daring plan stunned many people, but the situation was such that he was soon supported. The pilots bombers were named kamikaze (in translation - "divine wind"). So it called typhoons that swept the 13th century Mongol fleet, going to conquer Japan.

They attack!
The Japanese have enthusiastically set about the formation of such an unusual military compound. On the basis of Luzon were four special teams kamikaze. Volunteer pilots were just waiting for the order to fly out to meet the enemy, they were eager to give their lives for the emperor. In Kamikaze quickly developed its own rituals and fetishes. Around the head of each suicide bomber was wrapped strip of white cloth decorated with the red disk of the sun. At one time this bandage-hashimaki wore samurai warriors of feudal Japan. This fabric is not only absorbs sweat, but also protect the eyes from falling hair. In 1944 he became a kind of emblem hashimaki special housing kamikaze. The pilots bombers followed the canons of the samurai, who despised death and throwing a daring challenge to any opponent.

October 25 suicide bombers have received the first orders to go sailing ... Nine aircraft under the supervision of Lieutenant Seki Iukio Mabalakat up from the airport and flew toward the US ships. Four of the nine aircraft played the role of an escort, they were supposed to protect the US from attack by kamikaze aircraft (airplanes bombers but powerful bombs had no weapons), and record the results of their attacks. And the Japanese pilots spotted American ships, and went on to decline. One of the planes swooped down on the aircraft carrier "of Saint-Lo" and exploded on his flight deck. "Saint-Lo" received significant damage, and most importantly - caught fire and exploded after five minutes with the fuel tanks, part of the flight deck broke away from the ship covered by a large fire. Command of an aircraft carrier was powerless to save the ship, and soon sank. Other Kamikaze also found their target - were severely damaged three more ships.

The Americans planned to November 1 1945 to land troops in Japan (Operation "Olympic"). He had to destroy fukuro and 5225 airplanes with kamikaze - the majority of the cars were already tucked into special shelters. Japan surrendered these plans are canceled.

In the period of 1944-1945 killed about 3,900 Japanese suicide pilots. By the way, Admiral Onishi Takidziro learned of the surrender of Japan, August 16, 1945 made a hara-kiri and died after a 12-hour agony.

Kamikaze attack on the "Missouri»


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