Kamikaze - the death of the Emperor and the country

In a desperate fight against the superiority of the Americans at the end of the Second World War, Japan begins to use young drivers who live bombs have to attack ships vraga- kamikaze. Many of the suicide bombers still almost children.

Photo 1945. The concept of "Kamikaze" is inevitably linked with the pilots, who sacrificed their lives to fight the enemy.

Young pilots are trained to deadly task. Translated "kamikaze" means "divine wind."

The officer read out the order. The Japanese army has a lot of pressure on young men campaigning to participate in a deadly outfits.

Kamikadze- pilot before the start. Japanese navy and air force have already defeated.
The Americans captured the island and the island, except with the help of suicide attacks pilotov-, the Japanese are no longer able to gain control over the situation.


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