A large collection of photos of historical events and famous people.

Mountain bison skulls 1870

Tsar Nicholas II

Kaiser Wilhelm II

Flying an airplane "Kittyhawk" over Stonehenge


Children on the streets of New York

Construction of the Tower Bridge in London

Group photo of circus "Barnum & Bailey"

Construction of the Eiffel Tower

Printing at the entrance to the tomb of Tutankhamun

The Golden Age of Egyptology

The leader of the Sioux

Navajo Family

Russian serfs

Helena Blavatsky

Peter Kropotkin

John Browning

Witness the accident victim found in his wife

Shell-shocked soldiers of the First World War

Al Capone and his son

Presumably - iceberg, sinking "Titanic"

Surviving passengers of "Titanic"

No alcohol law. Barrels of alcohol prepared for burning

No alcohol law. The inscription on the poster: "Lips, touching alcohol, can not touch our lips"


Chaplin and Gandhi

Rabindranath Tagore

Ernest Hemingway

Rally in Nuremberg. Hitler ordered the use for lighting all AA batteries that are only to be found to make a spectacular show


Hitler and Mussolini

The boy runs to the front of the outgoing father, World War II

The French occupation

Mowing RAF pilot

Fountain Barmaley after the Battle of Stalingrad

Military action, World War II

The movement of troops, World War II

The cloud over Hiroshima

The Second World War

World color

Boeing B-29 - "Flying Fortress"

World color

World color

Dresden after the bombing

The dead Japanese soldier

Japanese boy came to bury his younger brother

Soviet woman

Hitler's bunker

Hermann Goering

Last photo Himmler

Soviet soldiers celebrating victory

The Soviet flag over Berlin



The founder of the North Korean state, Kim Il Sung

Georgy Zhukov

The 1956 Hungarian revolution

Nuclear tests

Club "optimist"

Yuri Gagarin


Elvis in the Army

Kennedy and Johnson on the Cape Canaveral during the Cuban missile crisis

Self-immolation of the monk, Vietnam

Bombs with napalm, Vietnam

Photo family astronaut left the moon

Castro at the Lincoln Memorial

South Vietnamese General Nguyen Ngoc Loan (known for having shot the NLF guerrilla shot in front of Western journalists)

Che Guevara

Iranian women on the eve of the revolution

Rare picture of "Tank Man", who at the time of student unrest in Tiananmen Square in June 1989 alone restrained column of tanks for half an hour.

The destruction of the Berlin Wall

Computers from East Germany, 1987

Freddie Mercury and Elton John

British airborne special forces stormed the Iranian embassy

War correspondent in the firing line


The first Chechen war

Famous photo in the hands of their authors


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