10 of the most interesting and strange types of troops during World War 2

All nominees are located in a chaotic manner, the list does not mean carrying out any nominee an advantage or a disadvantage.

Flying an aircraft carrier SPB
Flying aircraft carriers - this is not fiction. These are real fighting machines. Moreover, their before and during World War II and built in the USA and in Japan and the USSR. Something sensible happened in the USSR. And so sensible that before you is perhaps the only example of a "fantastic weapons", which are not just taking uchatsie in the war, but also proved to be very effective. St. Petersburg - a Dive Bombordirovschik composite consisting of the carrier TB-3 (also known as "flying Kremlin", the plane itself legendary and outstanding) and 2-16 dive bombers.
Result of application: about 30 successful, ingda even very successful missions.
The reason for the small fame: Aircraft carrier TB-3 no longer produce more in the 37th. And to build new, under opustoschayuschey war it was impossible.

"Bronepehota Red Army»
The fact that the Soviet Union in World War II "flunked enemy corpses" and fought only by the number, while the Germans, Americans, and even Japanese fighting skills and technical innovations - hard to implement and completely wrong steriotip. Here's another example of the opposite: engineering-sapper assault brigade of the Red Army.
Larger view vitality infantryman always tried. More Germans in the First World have created units of infantry, armor steel zaschischynyh. But in the Soviet Union to the issue podoschli more massively and correctly. Pihotintsam of the assault teams were given "armor", helmets and put flamethrower. The result was impressive, even the first use of bligady allowed at once capture the heavily fortified German stronghold.
Result of application: Successful shturnym strengthen the Rhein and the German castles.
The reason for the small fame: Unknown. It seems, and the results are good and look cool, a model for propogandy. But no.

B IV and "Goliath»
Before us interesting examples nemechkoy military thought. "Goliath" - radiouprovlyaemaya gusenachnaya bomb. Great-grandfather of modern machines radiupravlyaemyh was created to podruva enemy tanks, as well as minefields and bunkers. With what and cope with varying degrees of success. B4 - bigger car, unlike the "Goliath", which barely reached the man to his knees, B4 was already the size of a car. He did the same thing as "Goliath", but was reusable: threw mine on the battlefield and drove away in a safe place. The machine in action as radio controlled. Weak armor and extremely dangerous specialization did B4 only theoretically reusable. Very often, these cars remained on the battlefield. In parts.
Result of application: Medium. On the one hand, the results are. On the other, there is no machine.
The reason for the small fame: Self-propelled bomb - besides so often dying at an entrance to the goal - it somehow ... awkward. Look unattractive, they do not last long, that they take something?

Few people know that in addition to the kamikaze - pilots suicide, the Japanese had other types of war-bombers. The Japanese general in the case progressed very far. Then you and the divers samoubitsy tarpedy pilots and bombers, missiles, suicide and even chelovekobomby of charge on the belly for podruva tanks. The Japanese do not weakly annealed 40vye.
Result of application: Below average. Sometimes - even zero. Rockets suicide, for example, no one blew all but themselves.
The reason for the small fame: About kamikaze know everything. The rest of the suicides are modest in their shadow.


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