10 of the most interesting and strange types of troops during World War 2

All nominees are located in a chaotic manner, the list does not mean carrying out any nominee an advantage or a disadvantage.

Flying an aircraft carrier SPB
Flying aircraft carriers - this is not fiction. These are real fighting machines. Moreover, their before and during World War II and built in the USA and in Japan and the USSR. Something sensible happened in the USSR. And so sensible that before you is perhaps the only example of a "fantastic weapons", which are not just taking uchatsie in the war, but also proved to be very effective. St. Petersburg - a Dive Bombordirovschik composite consisting of the carrier TB-3 (also known as "flying Kremlin", the plane itself legendary and outstanding) and 2-16 dive bombers.
Result of application: about 30 successful, ingda even very successful missions.
The reason for the small fame: Aircraft carrier TB-3 no longer produce more in the 37th. And to build new, under opustoschayuschey war it was impossible.

"Bronepehota Red Army┬╗
The fact that the Soviet Union in World War II "flunked enemy corpses" and fought only by the number, while the Germans, Americans, and even Japanese fighting skills and technical innovations - hard to implement and completely wrong steriotip. Here's another example of the opposite: engineering-sapper assault brigade of the Red Army.
Larger view vitality infantryman always tried. More Germans in the First World have created units of infantry, armor steel zaschischynyh. But in the Soviet Union to the issue podoschli more massively and correctly. Pihotintsam of the assault teams were given "armor", helmets and put flamethrower. The result was impressive, even the first use of bligady allowed at once capture the heavily fortified German stronghold.
Result of application: Successful shturnym strengthen the Rhein and the German castles.
The reason for the small fame: Unknown. It seems, and the results are good and look cool, a model for propogandy. But no.

B IV and "Goliath┬╗
Before us interesting examples nemechkoy military thought. "Goliath" - radiouprovlyaemaya gusenachnaya bomb. Great-grandfather of modern machines radiupravlyaemyh was created to podruva enemy tanks, as well as minefields and bunkers. With what and cope with varying degrees of success. B4 - bigger car, unlike the "Goliath", which barely reached the man to his knees, B4 was already the size of a car. He did the same thing as "Goliath", but was reusable: threw mine on the battlefield and drove away in a safe place. The machine in action as radio controlled. Weak armor and extremely dangerous specialization did B4 only theoretically reusable. Very often, these cars remained on the battlefield. In parts.
Result of application: Medium. On the one hand, the results are. On the other, there is no machine.
The reason for the small fame: Self-propelled bomb - besides so often dying at an entrance to the goal - it somehow ... awkward. Look unattractive, they do not last long, that they take something?

Few people know that in addition to the kamikaze - pilots suicide, the Japanese had other types of war-bombers. The Japanese general in the case progressed very far. Then you and the divers samoubitsy tarpedy pilots and bombers, missiles, suicide and even chelovekobomby of charge on the belly for podruva tanks. The Japanese do not weakly annealed 40vye.
Result of application: Below average. Sometimes - even zero. Rockets suicide, for example, no one blew all but themselves.
The reason for the small fame: About kamikaze know everything. The rest of the suicides are modest in their shadow.

The biggest gun in the world. The Germans, WWII. What else to say.
Result of application: The destruction of the battery in Sevastopol. That's all.
The reason for the small fame: It's funny that the Douro just known to many. With that, it's just a stupid weapon. In order to Dora arrived at distatsiyu fire, for it was built a double railway. Dora could not be induced horizontally, so it built a new railway expensive for each goal. Result neudevitelen. Only one case is more or less successful use in kolosalnyh costs.

Dogs suicide.
Again samoubitsy. At this time, the dog and the USSR.
To the back of the dog was attached anti-tank mine, the dog ran after a course of study under the tank and broads!
Result of application: Approximately 300 lined broneedinits opponent. That is not enough.
The reason for the small fame: Sabaki could throw himself under a tank, which is very bad, so use them longer. And those that have already exploded many did not speak. Amaralno it somehow, because dogs are dying, and not the will of Sway.

Unremarkable reconnaissance aircraft. Nothing but external appearance. Assemetrichny plane - it really is something rare. And now and then.
Result of application: It is successful reconnaissance sorties. It was a really good spy.
The reason for the small fame: just a country aircraft, not "vundervafe" and not "weapons of retaliation┬╗.

Here is the world's only five-turret (!) Production tank. T-35 has been very unreliable, but it looked like! Because became a frequent guest in parades and medals. And in the battle mainly I rushed because of the refusal chassis.
Result of application: Almost none. The Red Army retreated and lost almost all of the T-35 in the 41st.
The reason for the small fame: There are about 60 tanks, most of which are just spoiled. That was not to gain fame.

Submarine aircraft carrier
Not one samoubitsami famous for Japan. We have before us an excellent example of Japanese art-submarine aircraft carrier. Sudden attack aircraft where the enemy does not expect this at all - that's why they were built ...
The result of the application: ... but everything ended sadly. Several submarines with multiple planes, even attacking suddenly terrifying to the enemy will not change the outcome of the war proigronoy.
The reason for the small fame: Japanese surrounded the submarine such secrecy that the Americans did not even notice, as Japan has used svoee secret weapon. What, moreover, says a lot about him, weapons effectiveness.

Polish cavalry
The story of how brave, but stupid Polish cavalry with drawn swords navpali on tanks and all together died heroically for more than one dyasyatiletie roams the world.
In fact, the cavalry in the second world massively applied all. Including the Germans. But not as predstovlyaetsya majority. Basically cavalrymen traveled on horseback to the battlefield, then dismounted and fought as a regular infantry. Exactly the same and acted the Polish Konjic. But one day the war detachment of Polish cavalry ran into a battalion of German holidaymakers. What would not lose the surprise effect it komondir Poles skamandyval "Sabres won!" And the Poles rushed into battle by cutting a bunch of panicked Germans. At the end of the battle of the forest there were armored vehicles, machine gun fire forced the Poles to retreat immediately. Through the decades, this episode turned into a suicidal attack on the Poles with swords tanks.
(Illustrations, by the way - known in certain circles, the work of a very clever artist.)
Result of application: Cavalry during World was hundreds of thousands. And they have shown themselves quite non-defective mobile infantry.
The reason for the small fame: Lydie, a little familiar with the story, but call themselves historians have called three times World "war of engines" and the country that used the cavalry - lagging. Against this background, more fun smotritsja the fact that the horses nemeytskoy division was more than in the Soviet.

Source: zaur-guseynov.livejournal.com


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