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This coming Saturday, March 15 in Moscow will be the most unusual and perhaps the most important event in the modern history of the country. Peace march will start at 14 o'clock (collection of participants from 13.00) with the Pushkin Square and pass along the boulevards to Sakharov Square where the rally will take place. All that is called, is allowed and agreed.

It may happen that it is generally the last legal action for years to come.

The situation is not happy.

Russia led troops in the Crimea and actively prevents residents clearly and without compulsion to speak about the future of Ukraine and the peninsula. Under the muzzles of Russian machines in the Crimea, a new prime minister. Under the muzzles of Russian machines all the key objects of the Crimea. Blocked by Ukrainian military parts. Under the guise of armed Russian troops in the Crimea rampant weird people of unknown nationality, openly threatening anyone with a different opinion, attacking journalists, the press, the Ukrainian military and their families.

Again, from Russia sent aggressive thugs attacking the eastern city of Ukraine. So much so, that the importations "pro-Russian protesters" were attacking indigenous people of Ukrainian cities, maim and kill them (the recent terrible event in Donetsk). Russia harboring murderers and those involved in the mass murder on the Maidan - Setting Yanukovych himself Yanukovych berkutovtsy. Finally, Russia dangerously concentrated its forces on the borders of Ukraine, obviously with a claim to capture the east of the country, and possibly a full occupation of a neighboring state.

All these steps have been made not by the will of the Russian people, hands completely loyal to the Kremlin officials and deputies. Their mouths Russia intends to abandon his words, international treaties, and even just from common sense and annex part of the territory of Ukraine.

Information sites are blocked, destroyed the independent media in Russia, is an attack on blogs, closed most popular political blog of the country - a blog Alexei Navalny.

Navalny himself under house arrest, as well as arrested and many prominent politicians of the country, as well as civil society activists: Sergei Udaltsov, Daniel Konstantinov, Alex Gaskarov, Eugene Vitishko, Igor Zhitenev and many others. From left to right, from liberals to environmentalists, the Cossacks to the leaders of other national communities.

Hysteria on the federal channels, aggressive rhetoric in the Kremlin blogs - all of this is reminiscent of the atmosphere of a fascist state, with its black and white tones, with the rejection of another's opinion and direct threats to anyone who expresses this opinion.

We need peace

Wrong - to fight with the Ukrainians. They are our brothers, it is our blood, it is we ourselves. Shoot in Ukrainian - it's like that in his father shoot at brother son, in himself. Ukraine rebelled against violence, abductions, killings. Russia should reach out who stood to his full height brother, and do not beat him in the back.
We are against the war with Ukraine.

Wrong - at war with its own people. Plugging the people - it is impossible. Release the political prisoners, cease to put innocent decriminalize the police, stop corruption, to open all archives and special services porvetrit everything is stagnant there, you need to provide a legal and legitimate turnover of power in Russia, return to elections, freedom of expression in the media, freedom of assembly and demonstrations.
We are against the war, the Kremlin crooks and thieves with the people of Russia.

Finally, the wrong sow hatred. You look at that Putin and his entourage turned the country. Where is the compassion? Where is the love? We could build roads, hospitals, schools, help the poor, to raise pensions the elderly, develop a culture, sport, the army - why not. We could spend forces, nerves, dream on creation.
But this machine hatred that pours from TV that puts into paddy wagons that belches sentences for hundreds and thousands of innocent that confuses people on the roads that torturing prisoners in offices and colonies, which takes future for orphans, that takes away from the old man for the bread another golden bowl once a residence in the Red Forest. All this darkness smothers all light that appears in Russia.
It's time to stop. Enough of hatred.
We rage against the war with good.

Sad occasion, horrible prospect. But let tomorrow will be our main atmosphere of peace.

The world does not mean reconciliation with evil. World - a condition in which the war uprooted and has no more chance for the future. World - this is our way of communicating and our way to pacify the evil. We do not have to stop calling a lie a lie, Destroy. But we promise that we will be merciful. We promise that the trial will be fair. We promise that there will be a place that would be justice.

Blessed are the peacemakers.

I hope that together we can do so that no destruction of famous Russian and creation. Around the world.


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