Spiral copies legendary paintings

Singaporean artist Chan Hwee Chong has a unique painting techniques. To create masterpieces he uses his line, it continuously drives the spiral. Thus, to obtain copies of famous paintings of world art.

While the master of world masterpieces of art to create his paintings is used by thousands of poppies brush, an artist from Singapore shows the original equipment when it makes copies of these masterpieces, and they painted a spiral black line.

Chan Hwee Chong artist engaged in the business creates illustrations of its original equipment. It is so brilliantly mastered this technique of drawing, he decided to try his hand at copying of world masterpieces. At the same time, if he will make at least one mistake, he will have to work to start again.

With the help of its unique painting techniques, he revolutionized the Mona Lisa, a self-portrait BH Gogh, Johannes Vermeer Girl with a Pearl Earring.

33-year-old artist said that it briefly drawing technique can be called so, hold a pencil and just manage it.

Singaporean is art - director of the German design studio Kolle Robbe from Hamburg. He received an order to advertise products Faber and Castell, the instrument of this company.

In their spare time, he enjoys art installations and graphics. If the work he has a frame in his spare time he improvises with grafikoy.Na three works it took a few months. How each of the works Chan Hwee Chong can not say for sure. The most favorite work is an image of the Mona Lisa. The artist says that in his work he was assisted by members of the group.

Source: newslenta.com


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