Pies with cabbage (yeast pastry).

3 tablespoons flour, 1 teaspoon sugar, 0, 5 cups water, yeast (dry yeast 19g or 15g dr.Otker dry yeast SAF-time or 67g fresh yeast)
1 cup of liquid (water or milk or serum), 1 ~ 1 teaspoon salt 5 ~ 1/4 cup sugar, 0, 5 cups vegetable or melted butter (110 ~ 120g), 2 eggs, ~ 6 6 5 cups flour
First you need to make a calculation of how much we need yeast.
It is necessary to calculate the entire volume of the liquid used.
In this recipe: 0, 5 cups water 1 cup + liquid + 0, 5 cups of oil + 1/3 cup egg (one egg volume ~ 1/6 cup). Total 2 + 1/3 cup.
This amount of fluid required 6 ~ 6, 5 cups of flour.
In a 250-milliliter beaker is put 160g of flour. Consequently 6 ~ 6 5 ~ glasses 960 will flour 1050g. For good measure rounded to 1kg.
On bags with dry yeast written, how many grams of yeast need to take 500g or 1kg flour.
For example, the firm dr.Otker per 500g flour requires 7d yeast.
We get a kilo of flour. So you need 14g of yeast. But since pastry dough, their number must be increased by one third (in some cases the amount of yeast must be increased to 1, 5 times).
As a result, we find that for our test, we need 19g of dry yeast dr.Otker or 15g dry yeast SAF-time or 67g fresh yeast.
In a bowl, mix the flour, sugar and yeast. Pour about a third of the 0, 5 cups of warm water. Stir until smooth thick dough. Pour remaining warm water
Leave in a warm place until such time as Opara zapuzyritsya.Zatem-
In brew pour vegetable oil and 1 cup of any liquid. It may be water, milk, cream, whey, kefir, cream, etc.
To drive the eggs and add the salt and sugar.
All stir.
Pour about 4 cups of flour. Shuffle (spoon, fork or whisk). Get sticky testo.Prodolzhaya stir batter, pour half a cup of flour until the dough stops interfere lozhkoy.Na table pour 0, 5 cups of flour and dump testo.Prodolzhat kneading hands, adding flour if it is all absorbed into the dough, and it still continues to stick to stolu.Mesit up until the dough does not acquire a smooth, soft and not sticky konsistentsiyu.Zhelatelno pastry knead a few minutes after it acquired the correct structure, since this dough by kneading becomes long luchsheTesto form into a ball, cover with its p / e film and leave to an increase of 1, 5 ~ 2 raza.Podoshedshee obmyat dough, cover with foil again and leave to re podёma.Vnimanie! If you are using quick yeast, such as SAF-time, the second approach is not needed. After the first ascent of the test can begin to form izdeliya.Kogda dough rises again, again and begin to carve obmyat pirogi.Sformirovat products leave rasstaivatsya (10 minutes) and in a hot oven at 200 c-10 minut.i necessarily every product after baking grease sweet tea or oil)), and leave to cool under polotentsem.Nachinkazharenaya cabbage with chopped boiled egg


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