Bullying of his body (8 pics + text)

To be different from the gray mass, like a freak freaks as they can.

The tattoo on the eyes

In fact, this procedure is not new and has been used for 2,000 years.
It was carried out for medical purposes, but now there are more effective methods.
Recently, however, she again came into vogue, but for the purpose of adornment.


More recently, scarification just shocked man in the street, but now they will surprise few people.
The bottom line is that the master cuts off pieces of the skin so that the scar later acquired the form of a predetermined pattern.


In another way it is called subcutaneous piercings.
Fashionable now a way of modding, and the result looks pretty impressive.
There is one significant disadvantage - often cause rejection of tissue implants.

Piercing corset

Fashionable feature for bold girls.
In the back two rows of rings inserted through which is threaded a ribbon.



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