Secrets of Family Happiness.

1) Start the tradition of family dinners. Let the dinner the whole family is involved in the conversation. Discard the banal "how are you" - let each family member tells in detail all the good, bad, funny, strange, what happened to him for today. Do not turn on the TV, put the book, turn off the sound of the phone - let the dinner belongs to the family.
2) In addition to the total time, everyone in the family should have their own time, place - a room or area where he could be alone, their hobbies and business. Not devote all his time to the rest of the family, do not sacrifice themselves and do not put your life on the altar of the family - in the end it will lead to resentment and disappointment.

3. Do not be afraid of conflict. Learn to say that you are hurting, not satisfied, annoying in other family members - mind you, not blaming them - and talk about their feelings. However, it is important to do it calmly and tactfully as possible. Infuse confidence in each other that, in spite of any conflict, you still love each other and are a family.

4.Obschaytes more, be attentive to each other, praise each other, admire each other. You can write notes to each other - it's also spice up your life. Offer their help and thank you for the assistance provided to you. But too intrusive to be not worth it - try to feel when the person would like to be alone or just do something without your help and advice.

5. Household try to do things together. Let everyone in the family, even the most junior members, will let small, but its duty to perform which he must strictly. So as not devoured boredom, from time to time change responsibilities. Let dad cook dinner, Mom goes to the store, my daughter will repair the crane, and the son will walk with the dog. Perhaps the first time and will not work - but because each of you is ready to come to the aid of another, and the routine immediately turn into an interesting dialogue!


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