30 facts about marriage

Modern couple full holding together just a few minutes a day. This is due to an increase in working time, the advent of children, television, the Internet, the distraction of a hobby, household employment and family responsibilities.
The English word "marriage» (marriage) is derived from the Latin word «mas», which means "man" or "male". The earliest known form of the use of this word in the English language are dated by XIII century.
More than 75% of people who come for the first time in the marriage eventually divorced.

Oneida colony, established in New York in 1848, advocated a "complex" or group marriage, in which each woman was married to every man. They also practiced "scientific control", where future parents for the following committees on physical and mental health.
Traditionally, the bridesmaids should wear a dress similar to the bride to confuse opponents groom, evil spirits and robbers.
Wedding couple under age 25 significantly increases the risk of divorce. In addition, the risk is higher when a woman much older than man, although it is not very influential factor.
On the Italian wedding Broken glass or mirrors - this is a common event. It is believed that the number of fragments is equal to the number of happy years that will live couple together.
The word "husband» (husband) is derived from the Old Norse «husbondi» or "landlord" (literally, hus, «home» + bondi = «master of the house, a resident»).
Some scholars have traced the "destiny" of the word "bride» (bride) to the Proto-Indo-European root «bru», which means "to cook, cook soup».
The term "bride» (groom) is derived from the old English word «guma», which means "man».
The level of education of people influences the age at which they marry. In countries with a high number of adults with higher education, the couple married later. The opposite trend is observed in countries with a low level of education of the population.
The probability that the first marriage end in divorce within the first 5 years is 20%. When cohabitation, this figure reaches 50%.
Code of Hammurabi (about 1790 BC. E.) Includes ancient Babylonian writings and the laws of marriage. These early law defines marriage as a contract, which served to protect the women's side and at the same time restricted it. In accordance with the Code, the man had the right to divorce his wife if she could not have children, or she "tramp" who humiliates her husband in front of the public and neglects their home. In addition, the wife must "drown" in the river or commit suicide if she changed her husband.
People who have lost a marriage during a serious illness, live a lot less than those who are widowed, have a happy family and have never been married.
In ancient Greece, Solon (638-538 BC. E.) Made marriage optional, and in Athens under Pericles (495-429 BC) Bachelor excluded from certain public positions, if not have a wife and children. In Sparta, single and childless people received scorn from the community. In ancient Rome (63 BC) was quickly adopted laws that made all come into marriage and to punish those who remained single.
The wedding ceremony usually ends with a kiss, because in ancient Rome, the kiss had legal connection with the completion of the contracts, which meant the entry into legal force.
The stress associated with divorce, affects the body's immune system and its ability to resist disease.
For most of the history of marriage is not necessarily based on mutual love. Sometimes couples came together for the mutual acquisition of property or the creation of a joint business. And now this sitauatsiya - are not uncommon.
Caucasian man from New Orleans in the late nineteenth century, made a blood transfusion from a black woman he loved, thus trying to overcome the laws against discrimination. He claimed that, too, was the same as it is, and can marry. The end of this story is unknown.
Compared with single, married people accumulate an average of four times more funds and assets. Those who are divorced, are valuable assets to 77% less than loners.
Married older people have a better chance of staying healthy, if you are engaged in physical exercise, refuse smoking, eat right and undergo regular medical examinations.
About 60% of married adults have at least one job.
The first written mention of same-sex marriages comes from ancient Rome. While Christianity was formed as the official religion, given the ceremony took place without much discussion. In 1989, Denmark became the first, after Christianity, nation to legally recognize same-sex marriages.
The words make up only 7% of our communication with anyone, including the spouses. The tone of voice is 38%, and the body language is responsible for the remaining part (55%) of spousal relationships.
Women who talk about a fair division of household labor, can boast, as a rule, a happy marriage, than women who are under stress from the dissatisfaction in terms of default husbands their responsibilities at home.
The researchers found a huge decline in the satisfaction of a personal relationship, after 4 years of marriage, and a significant decrease to seven or eight years. In fact, half of all divorces occur just in the first seven years of marriage.
Disabled people are twice as likely to go to church.
Married couples with children divorce is much less likely than childless.
The number of cohabiting men and women aged 65 and older has increased twice between 1990 and 2000.
15-year study showed that elevated levels of happiness before marriage is a guarantee of happiness in family life.


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