DPS hunting (3 photos)

My unequivocal opinion - this structure should not exist in our currency and in general. I'm talking about a roadside police. As if they did not explain its necessity, benefit from them no, only harm. I think this must be separately. A photo essay today.

Merchants striped sticks have mastered a new and technically difficult trick - photoshoot with spaced cam and cashier. See, even the camera is mounted under the camouflage net, and a mile downstream is a pack of expensive machines and digitized offender invite to a "free hand».
In the middle picture you can see in the face of a man who was sitting in the bushes, watching so that the camera does not steal (I think it's from the other gaytsy - expensive production means real money, after all). This one, as you see, not the form. Seeing that I photograph them adapt, I shouted and threatened from afar.

Three Mercedes and carrying the camera, but still packed in the scrim.

All this economy on the road (three km. From Moscow city Bronnitsy) replaces a stationary camera that can take pictures of violators impartially and send receipts fines. But three Mercedes and fucking cloud fighters need to "divorce on the headstock," getting real money. Gaytsy insistently invited for talks in the car, but released without consequences those who refuse to leave the car - "Eye to shoot down" a more expensive, there will be willing to negotiate.

It takes place on a good road, in a beautiful sight, outside of the village, so that no question of the danger (the fight for security) is not.

Too many policemen appeared at the roadside free time and Mercedes ...


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